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Running Remedy Crystal Reports with a User account

Problem: In Remedy, when clicking on a button that is supposed to run a Crystal Report, an error returns with, “. . . Failed to open the connection- ODBC data source – AR System ODBC Data Source [ARERR 1904].”

Cause: A Remedy installation uses a special ODBC data source which is installed just for running Crystal Reports.  This is a System data source the Remedy User tool cannot see because a User account is running the Remedy User tool.

Cure: Create an ODBC data source that the Remedy User tool can use.

-Go to Control Panel/Administrative tools/Data Sources (ODBC).  Select “User DSN” tab and click “Add.”


-Select “AR System ODBC Driver.” If you don’t see it, it is likely that Crystal Reports and ODBC were not installed with Remedy or will need to be reinstalled.


-Click “Finish.”


-This should open the “Setup” window. Enter “AR System ODBC Data Source” as the “Data Source Name:”  All remaining fields should be left blank.

-Click “OK.”