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CampusNet Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about CampusNet. If you don't find the answer to what you are looking for here, you can read our guides, or email helpdesk@jmu.edu (540 568 3555).

What is the CampusNet service?
CampusNet is the on-campus service that enables your computer to access the Internet and other campus network resources from your residence hall.

What are the minimum computer requirements to receive support for CampusNet?
You can view the minumum system specs at www.jmu.edu/campusnet/specs. It details the configuration for both PC and Macintosh systems. All configurations require that you have an installed Ethernet adapter that can support an RJ45 connection. If you need to upgrade your computer to meet our specifications, please contact one of our local vendors for support.

Is Wireless access available in the residence halls?
Yes, click here for the list of buildings and access point locations.

I brought a new computer back from break. What do I have to do?
Plug your computer into the network connection in your room and open up Internet Explorer; your browser should go to the registration page. Once you have successfully registered your computer, all of your Internet applications will begin to function.

How can I get help connecting my computer to the Internet?
During the move-in week, we will be providing help through our CMIB process. After move-in week, if you have any difficulties getting your computer connected to the network, please call the HelpDesk at 568.3555. The HelpDesk is located on the lower floor of the Frye building, which is located between Hoffman Hall and the Steam Plant on Bluestone Drive before you go down towards Greek Row.

Also, connection guides for specific Operating systems (ie. Windows Vista) are available from our web site at www.jmu.edu/campusnet/guides. Once your request for help has been assigned to a technician, you will be contacted via phone and email to setup an appointment to resolve your problem. Please remember to check your email and voicemail frequently.

What is CMIB?
CMIB (CampusNet Move-In Bonanza) is an additional service that we provide during fall move in to help you configure your computer to our network. Please keep an eye out for notices at your residence hall for the nearest location to get help. We also have the CMIB information on our web site. If you have a problem getting your computer connected, please go to one of the sites near you and report a problem. We will have someone contact you that day or the following day to resolve your difficulty. During this process, we will be receiving a high number of requests for help, please be patient, we will be doing the calls in the order they are received.