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Information Technology's mission is to deliver a technology environment and services that enable the university community to learn, innovate, collaborate and provide excellent service.


Information Technology departments include:

Computing Support - assists the JMU community with its computing needs by providing appropriate technology resources; serves as an advocate for the customer; serves as a response center for computing related problems and inquiries; provides technology training opportunities; provides facilities & resources to enhance academic instruction and contribute to student success.

Drew Davis, Director

Information Systems - delivers quality information systems that provides service to the university community. Dedicated to building strong partnerships with university departments in meeting their information system objectives.

Robin Bryan, Executive Director

Technical Services - the communications and computing utilities that provides operations and administration of all central systems and networks. In addition, provides hardware repair and security engineering to the JMU campus.

Dick Johnson, Director

Telecommunications - provides on-campus telephone, voice mail, and cable TV services to JMU faculty, staff and students.

Dennis Little, Director