Your JMU eID (also called “username” in some applications/systems) is your electronic identification that provides access to password protected websites and services, such as MyMadison, software downloads, and the JMU Official Wireless network. 

Your eID is based on your name and is typically the first six letters of your last name followed by your first name and middle name initials. For instance, Dolley Payne Madison might be madisodp. If someone has already been assigned that eID, your eID will include at least one number.  If you have no middle name, an X will be used for your middle initial.

Who can use this Service?

JMU faculty, staff, students, applicants, and affiliates

How can I get this Service?

JMU eIDs are assigned and created three times a day at approximately noon, 4pm, and midnight.

    • Applicant eIDs are created when an application has been submitted and processed by JMU. Applicant eIDs are generated from the name submitted on the application to JMU and emailed to the Applicant from Admissions. Applicant eIDs are used to access MyMadison only and can be found on the Applicant Resources Page.  The eID created for an applicant stays the same when you become a student.
    • Faculty and staff eIDs are created when the hiring paperwork has been processed by Payroll and the eID creation process has run. Faculty and staff eIDs are generated from the name on your social security card.
    • Affiliate eIDs are *not* created automatically and must be requested by the Affiliate’s sponsoring department as needed. Affiliate eIDs are emailed to the affiliate and the requestor.
Where can I get Help/Support?

Information Technology Help Desk at (540) 568-3555 or helpdesk@jmu.edu


When do I activate my eID?

    • Applicants will receive an email from Admissions welcoming you to JMU and directing you to a link to activate your eID. 
    • Admitted Applicants transitioning to students who have accepted the admission offer and submitted the deposit payment will receive an email from noreply@jmu.edu welcoming you to JMU and directing you to activate or change your eID password. 
    • Affiliates will receive an email welcoming you to JMU and directing you to activate your eID.
    • Faculty and Staff will receive information from Human Resources and/or their supervisor about the activation process.  

I tried to activate my eID and received an error. What do I do?

    • Applicants, students, affiliates must use the activation link received within seven days or it will become invalid.  You must contact the IT Help Desk or your admitting office for assistance in receiving a new activation link.
    • Applicants/new students may also visit the Applicant Resources page to get a new activation link.

How often do I need to change my eID password?

    • Applicants are not required to change your eID password. However, you will be required to change your password if you accept admission, pay your deposit, and transition from an applicant to a student.
    • Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, and Graduated students are required to change your password every 90 days. You will receive an email to your official JMU email address prior to the expiration date that a password change is required.

 When is my eID disabled?

    • Undergraduate and Continuing Education applicants typically lose access two weeks after the start of the semester for which you applied if you were not admitted or did not accept admission to JMU.
    • Graduate applicants typically lose access the last day for the last block of the term for which you applied if you were not admitted or did not accept admission to JMU.
    • Students leaving the university under an official "Leave of Absence" will retain eID access according to the arrangements made with the Registrar's Office.
    • Students who leave the university in "good standing" will retain MyMadison and wireless access for a 60-day grace period from the withdrawal date.
    • Graduating Students will retain eID access for an approximate 60-day grace period from the time your degree is conferred. Note: Actual disable date is 60 days after your degree is conferred; therefore, we list an approximate date of 60 days after graduation. Access to Canvas and other resources will only remain active for approximately 60 days after graduation.
    • Graduating Students will retain eID and access to MyMadison indefinitely as long as you keep your password current by changing it through MyMadison every 90 days. This provides ongoing access to MyMadison for certain functions such as transcript requests.
    • Graduating Students will lose access to MS Office 365 ProPlus and One Drive on October 1 (spring & summer graduates) on May 1 (for December graduates).
    • Faculty and Staff will retain eID access to MyMadison, email and wireless for a grace period of 30 days. Core system access (HR, FIN and SA) and access to network file shares are removed immediately.
    • Adjunct Faculty will retain eID access to Active Directory linked accounts (computer login, Exchange email client (Outlook), wireless, network file storage) and to other systems (MyMadison and Canvas) for a 130-day grace period.
    • Affiliates will lose eID access immediately upon termination or departure from employment.

What should I do prior to leaving JMU (graduation, leaving employment)?

    • Graduated students should ensure your eID password is up-to-date and your cell phone/token is still able to receive Duo two-factor authentication; ensure mailing addresses and telephone numbers are correct in MyMadison.
    • JMU Faculty, Staff, and Affiliates should obtain a new email account through another Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as Microsoft, Google, or Yahoo and send this new email address to all of your contacts and friends; change any personal accounts that send password resets or notifications to your JMU email account; change mailing list (Listserv) subscriptions to use your new email address and unsubscribe from those you no longer wish to receive; forward any personal emails that you wish to retain from your JMU email account to your new email address.
    • JMU Faculty, staff and student employees should print copies of pay slips, leave, compensation, etc. for your records through MyMadison.

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