Two Factor Authentication (Duo)
Enrollment Guide

Duo Supported/Recommended Browsers: Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

Duo Supported Devices

Duo User Guide

1. To Begin Enrollment:

NOTE:  If logging in from mobile MyMadison (, you will need to click on “Full site” from the mobile menu.

Protect Your JMU Account
2. Choose Your Two-Factor Authentication Device Type
  • Click the button for the type of device you are enrolling (mobile phone is recommended), then click “Continue”

NOTE:  Information Technology recommends using a smartphone for the best experience, but you can also use a mobile phone with texting capability, hardware token, or an iOS/Android tablet.

These instructions focus on enrolling a smartphone. For assistance with enrolling other devices, see the User Guide on the Duo Service Page.

Type of device
3. Enter Your Phone Number
  • If you selected a mobile phone, select your country from the drop-down list and enter your phone number.
  • Review the number you entered and click the box indicating it is correct.
  • Click “Continue”
Phone Number
4. Choose the Type of Phone
  • Choose your type of device and click “Continue”

Note: if you want to add a cellphone that will only receive text (SMS) messages, click Other. Steps 5 and 6 will not apply. 

Type of Phone
5. Install the Duo Mobile App on Your Smartphone

Why use Duo Mobile?

Duo Mobile is an app that runs on your smartphone and helps you authenticate quickly and easily. Without the app, you will still be able to log in using a hardware token or SMS text message, but for the best experience, we recommend you use the Duo Mobile app.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to install Duo Mobile from the Apple App Store (iOS), the Google Play Store (Android), or the Microsoft Store (Windows Mobile)

Duo Logo 

Duo Mobile

  • After installing the app, return to the enrollment window and click “I have Duo Mobile installed”
Install Duo Mobile
6. Activate Duo Mobile
  • On your smartphone, open the Duo Mobile app and click the + symbol, the key icon, or the key + symbol (depending on the type of device you have)
  • Next, hold your phone’s camera up close to your screen to scan the barcode (QR code) image with the app's built-in scanner
  • The phone will state “Adding Account”

NOTE: Can't scan the barcode? Click “Or, have an activation link emailed to you instead and follow the instructions in the email.

Activate Duo Mobile
  • After you scan the barcode successfully, a checkmark appears on the image
  • Click “Continue” 
Activate Duo Mobile
7. Configure Device Option/Add Additional Devices

If this is the device you will use most often with Duo, you may want to enable automatic “Push” requests. 

  • Change the “When I log in:” option from “Ask me to choose an authentication method” to “Automatically send this device a Duo Push”
  • Click "Save"
  • You can also add additional devices by clicking the “+ Add another device”
  • Click "Continue to Login"
  • You will then be prompted to authenticate with Duo to access MyMadison
  • Success! You are now enrolled in Duo

NOTE: With the automatic option enabled, Duo automatically sends an authentication request to the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone.

If at any time the automatic method is not available to you, click “Cancel” on the Duo authentication screen to select a different method.

My Settings & Devices
8. Test Your Enrollment
  • To test your enrollment, log back in to MyMadison and the system will automatically use Duo authentication
MyMadison login
9. General Duo Information
  • Once enrolled in Duo, you will use Duo to log in to MyMadison. The only time you will use your One Time Password (OTP) is if you forget your password and need to use the “Forgot Your Password?” option.

  •  When you change your password on the MyAccounts tab in MyMadison, you will no longer be presented with your virtual authenticator picture and phrase.

  • Faculty and staff who do not have access to a smartphone/cell phone may receive a JMU-owned token from the Information Technology Help Desk. Stop by the IT Help Desk on the 4th floor of the Student Success Center with a photo ID and the ability to access your OTP to log in to MyMadison. 

  • Information Technology will continue to expand the number of applications behind Two-Factor Authentication (Duo). Currently, only MyMadison and SSL VPN offer the option to authenticate using Duo. o SSL VPN Duo Realm: Two-factor authentication to the SSL VPN service works differently with Duo and does not work with a Black realm SafeNet token. See “SSL VPN Methods” on the SSL VPN services web page for details.

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