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JMU e-ID and Access Management

Information Technology has replaced the JMU Accounts portal (accounts.jmu.edu) used for account activation, password changes, and password resets with an identity management product from Oracle. The new e-ID account management functionality will be available on a new tab in MyMadison called MyAccounts. 

Why is the change being made?

The new e-ID and Access Management solution will help streamline the process of managing individual identities and access to electronic resources. The new solution provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminating use of social security number and birth date information during account activation or password reset
  • Increasing self-service options
    • One-time password resets using a passcode that is sent to a secondary (non jmu.edu) email address
  • Providing a Common Login Page for web applications
  • Single sign-on for certain web applications
  • Improving identity assurance 
  • Enhancing security options
    • Use of Picture/Passphrase to assist users in verifying they are on a legitimate JMU login page 
  • Supporting expansion of electronic access and services to additional constituents such as parents or alumni who graduated before December 2005
Who will be affected?

Everyone who has a JMU e-ID (students, faculty, staff, applicants, affiliates, alumni) must enroll in the new system.

When will this take place? 

The Common Login Page and the new MyAccounts tab in MyMadison is available in for all users to enroll in the new system.

What will the Common Login Page look like? 

The Common Login Page will initially be deployed for MyMadison with the capability for expansion in front of other systems.  The new login page utilizes a “split login” where the JMU e-ID is entered on the first page and the password is entered on the next page. 

What will the enrollment process look like?

Users will complete their enrollment in the MyAccounts tab in MyMadison using the following steps:

  1. Select a picture/phrase combination (also referred to as “virtual authenticator”) – this security feature will be used as a visual confirmation when logging in to MyMadison and other JMU systems.

  2. Provide an email address, other than an @jmu.edu (students may use their @dukes.jmu.edu) – this can be used as  a self-service method to reset a forgotten e-ID password.  You can also use the email address for your cell phone.  For additional information, see https://login.jmu.edu/texting.html


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