Christi Saindon (BA, University of Texas at Arlington; MA, University of North Texas; PhD, Southern Illinois University) joined the School of Communication Studies Fall 2014 and primarily teaches the introductory communication course in the department.

Christi feels strongly that to be a good teacher and better serve her students’ needs she must be closely linked to knowledge production processes and to current scholarship. Christi’s overall research goal is to contribute to the betterment of her own and others’ teaching and learning experiences. Her research interests are varied, crossing many topics, such as pedagogy, performance, body image, and women’s issues. In addition to her doctoral degree, she has completed a certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Southern Illinois University.

Christi has taught a variety of courses including Performance of Literature, Culture and the Media, Rhetoric and Power, Gender and Communication, Persuasion, Organizational Communication, and Interviewing. BUT her favorite course to teach is the introductory course because she likes seeing the immediate adjustments in students’ public speaking behaviors.

In addition to teaching in SCOM, Christi is a faculty-in-residence in Shenandoah Hall, the Honors Living and Learning Community, where she interacts with students regularly in hall programs. Baking homemade cookies is one of her favorite gifts to share with the hall residents. 

A native to Texas, Christi has lived in Springtown (her hometown), Arlington, and Denton (all in TX), Pittsburgh (PA), Carbondale (IL), and Elkins (WV). In her personal time, she enjoys relaxing with her partner, playing with her cat, knitting, gardening, reading, walking, traveling, and attending national and college athletic events. 

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