Alyssa Reid, M.F. A., Minnesota State University Mankato, primarily teaches GCOM courses but has been known to guest lecture in a variety of courses in the SCOM department. Professor Reid’s research often emphasizes qualitative approaches, specializing in forensic pedagogy and performance studies. When she defines herself as a forensic scholar, she means forensics as in "competitive public speakin" and not CSI.

Although she earned her Master’s degree in the state of Minnesota, she is actually a proud native of Southern California. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies: Culture and Public Affairs from California State University Long Beach, where she had a successful intercollegiate public speaking career. After completion of her degree, she then traveled to the arctic tundra to get her Master's of Fine Arts in Communication Studies: Forensics, from Minnesota State University Mankato. This degree postured her for the role of assistant director to the James Madison University Individual Events Team. She much prefers the weather in Harrisonburg!

In the rare moments she isn’t traveling with the team, coaching the team, or teaching, Alyssa enjoys reading books, adding to her ever-expanding colorful wardrobe, and watching reality competition shows.

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