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Undergraduate Research

   There are a variety of mechanisms for Conflict Analysis and Intervention students to pursue topics of special interest to them in greater depth than classroom instruction sometimes allows. Moreover, undergraduate research experience prepares students for graduate school and offers a valuable opportunity to build a portfolio.

To get involved in an undergraduate research project:

  1. Define your area of special interest.
  2. Talk with a CAI faculty member about working with you as an advisor or mentor. It is sometimes helpful to look at the faculty biographical information to find a faculty member who shares your interests.
  3. Determine with the faculty member which course format suits your project:
    1. SCOM 390. Directed Projects
    2. SCOM 490. Special Studies in Communication Studies
    3. SCOM 499. Honors in Communication Studies
  4. Decide with the faculty member what you will do and how you will be graded.
  5. Obtain appropriate forms from the SCOM office and signatures of the faculty member and Department Chair.

Examples of undergraduate research projects:

  • Fifteen years after Conflict Talk: Advances in discourse studies of conflict
  • Training a view of conflict: The use of role play in mediation training
  • The youngest witnesses: Communication strategies for preparing children to testify in abuse cases