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Requirements for Minors

The minor in conflict analysis and intervention prepares students to analyze conflict interaction and explore various methods of formal and informal conflict intervention in a wide variety of contexts. The program is intended for students not majoring in communication studies who wish to supplement and augment their major area of study. The requirements for a conflict analysis and intervention studies minor are 18 credit hours. 

(Check catalogue for Summer offerings)

Courses for academic year Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

SCOM 240 The Process of Human Communication (Spring & Fall) (2 Cr)
SCOM 241 Communication Studies Lab (Spring & Fall) (1 Cr)
SCOM 331 Communication and Conflict (Spring & Fall)
SCOM 332 Mediation  (Spring only)
SCOM 432 Senior Seminar in Conflict Analysis and Intervention  (Spring only)
 = 12

In addition students will choose two from the following:

SCOM 245. Signs, Symbols and Social Interaction
SCOM 320. Introduction to Interpersonal Communication.
SCOM/WMST 348. Communication and Gender
SCOM 350. Organizational Communication
SCOM 333. Negotiation  (Check availability)
SCOM 334.
Alternative Dispute Resolution (F)
SCOM 313. Communication and Social Movements
SCOM 353.
American Political Culture and Communication
SCOM 371. Talking Through Tough Cases: Ethical Principles and Practices (F)
SCOM 431. Legal Communication (Check availability)

Total 18