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Invitation to Attend: 

The International Undergraduate Research  

Conflict Transformation Conference  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Transitions, Taylor Hall

James Madison University, Virginia, 22807, USA

Theme –Why we can't all “just get along!”

The Institute for Conflict Analysis and Intervention in the School of Communication Studies invites you to attend when undergraduate students present their inquiries appropriate to the theme of Why we can’t all “just get along!” 


Emphasis is on examining the processes in which societies, groups or family systems make the worlds into which they act.  This collection of papers provides insight into how persons might engage in practices that can ‘better’ construct our social worlds.

 The Conference will take place in ‘Transitions’, Taylor Hall, at James Madison University;
on Tuesday April 15, 2014; presentation panels will follow Tuesday/Thursday class times

Papers: A selection of papers by students in SCOM 432 Senior Seminar in Conflict Analysis and Intervention.  Individual presentations will be limited to 15 or 20 minutes. 

Posters: Projects in poster format presented by students of SCOM 332 Mediation. At least one author of the project will be present at the poster session to discuss the poster with attendees.