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The Conflict Analysis and Intervention Concentration

in the School of Communication Studies,

James Madison University

The study of conflict is relevant to any student planning any career and any course of action. Conflict underlies all areas of life.  We experience different forms of conflict, good and bad, in everything we do.  We are always negotiating meaningful and satisfying patterns of action.

The Cai concentration prepares students to analyze conflict interaction and explore various methods of formal and informal conflict intervention.  Work can focus in domestic, workplace, legal, political, religious and intercultural contexts. Included in the courses studied are community dialogue, peace building, law and restorative justice, negotiation, mediation, narrative mediation, trasformative mediation, family therapy and the history and philosophy of ethical deliberation.

A major or minor concentration in conflict analysis and intervention can prepare students for a broad spectrum of careers in government, buisness, law, peacebuilding, human services, counselling, humanitarian agencies, and dispute resolution. Students may wish to pursue the academic study of conflict and peacemaking through graduate school, or develop careers in business management, diplomacy or international relations.

The Institute for Conflict Analysis and Intervention is the hub for scholarly and applied activities on the JMU campus related to the study of conflict communication and intervention. It is also a founding member of the National Consortium of University Conflict Transformation Programs.

Students and faculty work together on Institute projects such as: dialogue, advocacy and mediation training and certification; hosting conferences, training in dialogue facilitation; organizing and presenting dialogue workshops, public discussion forums and brown-bag lunch sessions; supporting undergraduate research projects; sponsoring student memberships in the International Association for Conflict Resolution; providing information on internship opportunities; providing information about relevant graduate school programs, and supporting the student organization.

As a founding member of the National Consortium of University Conflict Transformation Programs, CAI joins with other founding members Hofstra University School of Law, University of North Dakota’s Conflict Resolution Center, and Temple University’s School of Adult Education.