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Organizational Communication Studies

Organizational communication involves the study of the ways people interact within organizations, such as business, government, education and nonprofit groups. The specific focus of this concentration is internal and external communication of organizations. This concentration prepares students for careers in business, consulting, training and event planning and for the study of law.

In addition to the 12 hours of required communication studies courses, students studying organizational communication must complete the following 18 hours from among the depth requirements. Additionally, students are encouraged to enroll in an internship during their junior or senior year.

SCOM 350. Organizational Communication


SCOM 358. Business and Professional Communication Studies


SCOM 425. Leadership Communication


SCOM 449. Communication Training


SCOM 450. Advanced Studies in Organizational Communication


Communication research course (depth requirement; see catalog)




Nine additional hours of SCOM elective work must be completed to total 39 hours in the major. Three of these additional hours of SCOM elective work can be selected at the 200 level, but the other six hours must be at the 300 or 400 level and may include an internship.




"In 1947, Nobel Laureate Herbert A. Simon said that communication is "absolutely essential to organizations." We all know that, but the concentration of Org Com (or OC) is where we study the concepts that relate to effective workplace management and communication.

Theories of management, organizational life (culture) and the results of effective and ineffective communication in the workplace are what OC students discover all while utilizing “hands on” methods like service-learning and consulting projects.

OC Alums have careers in Recruiting, Human Resources, Event Planning, Student Affairs, Management and working in Non-profit settings."