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Health Communication Minor

The minor in health communication is designed to provide students not majoring in communication studies with conceptual and applied knowledge about communication interaction and its effects on health care, health care practitioners and patients/clients. Students will gain strong writing and research skills, project management expertise, leadership and team building skills as well as gain knowledge in the areas of interpersonal doctor-patient communication, health campaigns and public health, culture and health, ethics and health, and organizational communication. It is designed for students pursuing careers in related health care fields or for students who have an interest in health communication.

SCOM 240. Introduction to Communication Theory


SCOM 241. Communication Studies Lab


SCOM 370. Introduction to Health Communication


SCOM 372. Culture and Health Communication


SCOM 470. Health Communication Campaigns


Choose any two SCOM courses


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Students Presentation in Health Com Class

Poster Presentation in Health Communication

"Be empowered to make a meaningful difference in health care, and in the health of our local, national, and international communities. 
Create innovative health campaigns that inspire healthy behavior or improve patient experiences at a hospital or clinic.
Enrich your life and the lives of others through the study of health communication."
Dr. Sharlene Richards