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General Communication Option

This option enables students to study communication from a variety of perspectives. Students will complete the major core requirements and, with the help of an adviser, will select 15 hours of courses from three areas: communication skills, communication research and communication theory ans context; plus 9 hours of communication electives from a list of given courses.

Major Requirements:

Core Requirements
SCOM 240. Introduction to Communication Theory 2
SCOM 241. Communication Theory Lab 1
SCOM 242. Presentational Speaking 3
SCOM 280. Introduction to Communication Research 1 3
SCOM 341. Persuasion 3
SCOM 394. Core Assessment in Communication Studies 0

 Depth Requirement: (15 hours required from the depth areas below)


Communication Skills (choose one of the following):


SCOM 243. Oral Interpretation  
SCOM 247. Small Group Communication  
SCOM 261. Public Relations Techniques I: Written  
SCOM 332. Mediation  
SCOM/JUST 333. Negotiations  
SCOM 340. Principles and Processes of Interviewing  
SCOM 342. Argument and Advocacy  
SCOM 358. Business and Professional Communication Studies  
SCOM 361. Public Relations Techniques II: Visual  
SCOM 367. Advanced Public Relations Writing  
SCOM 449. Communication Training

Communication Research (choose one of the following):


SCOM 381. Communication Criticism  
SCOM 383. Communication Research Methodologies  
SCOM 385. Qualitative Communication Research Methods  
SCOM 386. Communication Survey Research  

Communication Theory and Context
(choose three of the following--one must be at the 400 level):


SCOM 231. Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution  
SCOM 248. Intercultural Communication  
SCOM 260. Introduction to Public Relations  
SCOM/ANTH 305. Language and Culture  
SCOM 313. Topics in Communication Studies (1-3 credits)  
SCOM 320. Introduction to Interpersonal Communication  
SCOM 330. Special Topics in Interpersonal Communication  
SCOM 331. Communication and Conflict  
SCOM 345. Nonverbal Communication  
SCOM 346. Free Speech in America  
SCOM 347. Communication, Diversity and Popular Culture  
SCOM/WMST 348. Communication and Gender  
SCOM 349. Ethnographic Approaches to Communication Studies  
SCOM 350. Organizational Communication  
SCOM 351. Visual Rhetoric  
SCOM 352. Communication and Social Movements  
SCOM 353. American Political Culture and Communication  
SCOM 354. Communication, Environment and Environmentalism  
SCOM 357. Youth, Communication and Culture  
SCOM 370. Introduction to Health Communication
SCOM 371. Talking through Tough Cases: Ethical Principles and Practices  
SCOM 372. Culture and Health Communication  
SCOM 395. Study Abroad Seminar  
SCOM/WMST/WRTC 420. Feminist Rhetorics  
SCOM 425. Leadership Communication  
SCOM 431. Legal Communication  
SCOM 432. Senior Seminar in Conflict and Mediation Studies  
SCOM 440. Family Communication  
SCOM/ANTH/HIST 441. Oral History and Social Justice  
SCOM 448. Seminar in Cultural Communication  
SCOM 450. Advanced Studies in Organizational Communication  
SCOM 460. Public Relations Management  
SCOM 461. Public Relations Campaigns  
SCOM 463. International Public Relations  
SCOM 467. Global Public Relations Seminar  
SCOM 470. Health Communication Campaigns  
SCOM/SMAD/POSC 472. Media and Politics  

Additional communication studies elective at the 200, 300 or 400 level


Additional communication studies electives at the 300-400 levels


 Total credits: