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Christy-Dale L. Sims

Dr. Christy-Dale Sims recently completed her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she also earned her M.A. in communication. She is also a Jayhawk, hailing from the University of Kansas for her undergraduate studies.

Dr. Sims’ research raises questions of nationalism and citizenship, particularly as they intersect with issues of collective remembering, colonialism, and whiteness.  Her dissertation, titled Trail of Broken Promises: Collective Remembering, Colonization, and (Counter) Publics, critically examines constructions of identity in historic and contemporary discourse related to the Native and Euro-American identity within the nation. In a general sense, her work examines rhetorics of race and nation in a variety of ways. More specifically, she is interested in making visible the power dynamics at play within definitions of “who counts?” as members of the nation and how these discourses affect their material experiences within the national community.

Current projects include critiquing the neoliberal discourses of race and gender as expressed in The Race Card Project (http://theracecardproject.com/), analyzing tribal nation passports as material rhetoric of ongoing colonialism in the US and Canada, and with Lisa A. Flores, examining blog discourse about President Obama for the ways our nation talks about race. She is active in the National Communication Association, Rhetoric Society of America, the interdisciplinary Critical Ethnic Studies Association, and was recently the assistant program planner for the Western States Communication Association for two years.

Starting her communication career as a generalist, Christy-Dale has taught the gamut of classes, including Interpersonal Communication, Communication Theory, and Public Speaking, as well as the rhetoric classes she loves: Rhetorical Criticism, and Campaigns and Revolutions. She joins us in a one-year renewable position as instructor teaching primarily GCOM, where she’s excited to help students find their voices in understanding and explaining the interactions they take part in every day.

When not in the office or classroom, Christy-Dale is out adventuring, generally in a vertical sense. While she’s a fan of hiking and camping, her passion is rock climbing, and she is currently seeking out the local crags. She’s also looking to make the most of the local Shenandoah Valley geology by heading down instead of up and taking up caving!


"Stop by my office to raid my drawer of tea and to geek out over just about anything.

Some of my previous work is also available at: http://jmu.academia.edu/ChristyDaleSims "

Dr. Sims preparing for a mountain climbing adventure
Descending Dallas Peak (13,809 ft) outside Telluride, Colorado in June 2012