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April Roth

April L. Roth received her M.A. in Communication Studies from Auburn University in 2002.  April’s thesis and graduate emphasis included popular culture, and she was published in one of the first refereed books on reality television. Upon graduation, April accepted her current position as lecturer at James Madison University where she teaches primarily in the General Education program.

April has taught classes in the School of Communication Studies that include Intercultural Communication, Diversity and Popular Culture, Presentational Speaking; she has also directed several research projects including research on Zombies in America and the rise of Graffiti to a high art form.

April’s primary interest is in the classroom. She believes that each student changes the fabric of the university.  She believes that every individual is a teacher  and that each semester brings new promises of growth and relationships.  Her personal interests are focused on Dr. George Plasketes, artist Andy Warhol, and her own daughter.  Her current research interests center on Dance Moms, Tupac Shakur, and The Wire.