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Keith Richards

Keith Richards joined the James Madison University faculty in 2010.  Having spent five years in Connecticut, he wanted a shift south, and after meeting Communication Studies faculty from JMU at the National Communication Association (NCA) conference, he decided JMU was the place for him. 

Dr. Richards grew up in Western Pennsylvania and began studying communication as an undergraduate at Kent State University in Ohio (where from he graduated in ’05). He then received his Master’s in Communication Sciences (’07) from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT, where he served as a teaching assistant. He received his Ph.D. from the same school in 2011.

His research focuses on health communication.   Dr. Richards always knew he wanted to study communication but was originally interested in sports communication. After serving as an intern at the Kent State Athletic Communication Office, he realized that his interest in sports had become a job rather than a joy. He knew he wanted to continue with communication, applied to the graduate school and made the move to Connecticut.  While at UConn, he enrolled in a graduate seminar in Health Communication Campaigns which gave him the opportunity to work on a campaign for the Connecticut Children's Medical Center and guided him toward health communication.  

He is currently a lecturer at JMU and teaches predominantly Fundamentals of Human Communication (GCOM). He also teaches SCOM 370 Introduction to Health Communication. At JMU, he enjoys getting to know students and faculty members. When he is not teaching, he hikes, goes to the beach, and spends time outdoors. He enjoys watching and playing sports and is a big fan of college football.  Dr. Richards is passionate about being a successful teacher and researcher, and about helping students fulfill their potential and achieve their personal goals.

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