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Shannon Johnson

Originally from San Diego, California, Dr. Shannon Johnson has been teaching at James Madison University since 2009.  She began her studies as an undergraduate at Texas Christian University (’02) majoring in Communication Studies and Spanish.  She then earned a Master’s degree in Communication Studies at San Diego State (’04) and her doctorate degree in Communication Studies at Arizona State University (’09).  

Shannon’s primary area of research is interpersonal communication, with a focus on conflict analysis and sexual communication.  She began her teaching at Arizona State University, where she taught courses in Family Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Nonverbal Communication. 

At JMU, she teaches a variety of courses including SCOM 280 Introduction to Communication Research, SCOM 331Communication and Conflict, SCOM 320 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication, and SCOM 383 Communication Survey Research.  She hopes to do more cross-disciplinary work and to further collaborate in the School of Communication Studies department and across campus.

 She feels JMU is reminiscent of her own undergraduate experience, and she enjoys teaching and working with students.  Her personal interests include dancing, playing the piano, and surfing.