Minutes No. 2 1998-99
Thursday, December 3, 1998

I. CALL TO ORDER, ATTENDANCE, MINUTES: The James Madison University Council, by electronic method, met on Thursday, December 3, 1998.

PRESENT: Dr. A. Jerry Benson, Dr. Dorothy Boyd-Rush, Mr. Blair Brown, Dr. Douglas Brown, Dr. Barbara Castello, Dr. James Couch, Ms. Amy Edwards, Dr. Elizabeth Garbrah-Aidoo, Dr. John Gilje, Dr. Matthew Gilley, Dr. Linda Halpern, Mr. Charles King, Mr. Collin Lee, Mr. Geoffrey Polglase, Dr. Charles Reynolds, Dr. Linwood Rose, Dr. Robert Scott, Dr. Mark Warner, Ms. Cammie Weston, and Dr. Richard Whitman.

ABSENT: Dr. Ralph Alberico, Mr. Tim Emry, Dr. Joan Frederick, Dr. Arthur Hamilton, Dr. J. Archer Harris, Mr. Don Moore, Dr. Dorn Peterson, and Dr. Robert Reid.


Undergraduate Curriculum Council:

Dr. Joan Frederick, chairperson, reported that the Undergraduate Curriculum Council had not met and therefore had no report.

Graduate Council:

Dr. Dorothy Boyd-Rush, Chairperson, presented the following report:

The Graduate Council met two times (October and November) since the last University Council meeting. The following actions were approved.

  1. Eighteen faculty members were given graduate faculty status.
  2. Several course changes were approved in Accounting, Public Administration, the School of Education, Speech-Language Pathology, and Technical & Scientific Communication.
  3. Program changes were approved in the Adult Education/Human Resource Development program which added an additional course to the required professional core and reduced the number of electives; total program hours remain at 36 graduate hours. This change offers application elements as well as a strong theoretical course to the program requirements.

Health Sciences presented a change based on the new national Standards for the Preparation of Graduate-Level Health Educators. This change provides more structure to the program to benefit both faculty and students. The new concentration does not lead to teacher licensure in either the Master of Science or the Master of Science in Education degrees. The State of Virginia no longer has separate Health Sciences and Kinesiology teacher licensure and additional requirements must be completed to lead to Virginia Department of Education PK-12 teacher licensure.

Technical and Scientific Communication reduced the number of program hours required for both the Master of Arts degree and the Master of Science degree from 42 to 36 graduate credit hours. This will bring the program more in line with other programs and make it possible for students to complete the program in two academic years. The program will continue to carefully monitor enrollment trends and student success.

Commission on Student Services:

Dr. Mark Warner, chairperson, reported that the Commission on Student Services met on Friday, November 13, 1998.

The Commission approved thirteen new student organizations for recognition and one for re-recognition.

The new student organizations are as follows: Alpha Psi Omega, Cross Cultural Health Club, The Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Inc. Computer Society, Lambda Theta Phi, Madison Comedic Improvisation Troupe, Madison Dance Club, March of Dimes Collegiate Council, National Society of Minorities in Hospitality, Neuroscience Club, Note-oriety, Odyssey of the Mind, Student Wishmakers, Transfer Student Organization.

The student organization approved for re-recognition is the Council for Exceptional Children.

We also discussed the function of the commission and ways to make the commission more effective in its charge.

Commission on Community:

Dr. Mark Warner, chairperson, presented the following report.

Commission on Community meetings have been held on Tuesday, October 27, 1998 and Tuesday, November 17, 1998.

A major goal of the Commission on Community for the 1998-1999 academic year is to provide the Centennial Commission with input regarding values that we feel will be important to enable us to move towards the "ideal community" in the year 2008.

We are using the book, Leading Without Power by Max De Pree as a stimulus for thought and discussion. During our second meeting, we addressed community issues raised in the book and began laying a foundation for future steps.



Dr. Archer Harris, Speaker of the Faculty Senate, presented the following report:

Senate Elections

The Senate approved the following proposals in two motions, made, seconded, and approved without dissent:

Exams missed due to inclement weather or emergency:

In response to inclement weather and other emergencies, the university may be forced to cancel final exams. When regularly scheduled exams are canceled due to weather or other type of emergency, faculty may:

  1. assign a final grade to students based on the exams, tests and projects completed prior to the regularly scheduled final exam date,

  2. or

  3. administer the exam on the official university exam make up day, the Saturday immediately following exam week. Exam locations will be the same as the locations for the regularly scheduled exam.

Makeup days for classes missed due to inclement weather or emergency:

When it is necessary to cancel classes due to weather or other emergency, faculty have several options for making up the missed instructional time.

  1. Hold class at another time TBA by the faculty member.
  2. Accommodate for the missed instructional time within remaining class meeting time.
  3. Hold class on the official university make up day (normally) the Saturday immediately following the missed class.


Mr. Tim Emry, SGA President, presented the following report:


Mr. Blair Brown, Honor Council President, provided the following information:

Case Update-To date, the Honor Council has resolved five cases under the informal resolution process, and is investigating two cases using formal procedures.

Support Staff-The Honor Council and Academic Affairs have hired a support staff to work part time with the Honor Council. Betty Lucas has accepted the position, and will commence her duties shortly.

Committee Report-The Honor Council continues its works with committees. The Faculty Education Committee continues to work on presentation to department heads and faculty recruitment. The Student Education Committee is working on developing ways to promote awareness of the Honor Code among students. The Committee will work on further development and implementation next semester. Our committee concerning Honor Awareness Week is planning Honor Awareness Week for the spring semester.



Ms. Amy Edwards, Executive Chair, forwarded the following update on UPB:

It was a crazy month for us here at UPB. All of our programs were well attended and enjoyed by many of the JMU community. This past month we brought the following programs:

-Speaker Yaron Svoray enlightened the attendees of Grafton-Stovall's full auditorium with his story against Neo-Nazi uprising.

-Sneak preview for an unreleased film "20 dates" in Grafton-Stovall.

-"Sand Mandala Painting" and "Sacred Music and Sacred Dance" performed by Tibetan Monks. Cosponsored with the Students for a Free Tibet. An enriching program and experience for all the students and faculty involved.

-MTV Campus Invasion Tour featuring Third Eye Blind with special guests Eve 6. This heavily corporate sponsored event (Old Navy, Hyundai, AT&T, Intel) cause a lot of excitement on Godwin field November 17. That evening followed with a sold out concert.

-Famous film director Spike Lee spoke Thursday, November 19. CMSS and our two committees (film and issues and cultural awareness) were very pleased with the participation of the audience with the question and answer period.

All of these programs went extremely well and have inspired us for more programming in the Spring. We do, however, have two more programs for this semester.

-The lecture "Traveling with a Limited Budget" will be presented by Gil White, the author of "Europe on 84 Cents a Day". He will offer creative ideas on cost-saving methods with travel. Grafton-Stovall on Wednesday, December 2 at 7:00 PM.

-We are also in the stages of planning a holiday concert for charity. We hope to have this December 8. More details to come.


The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 25, 1999 in Taylor 306. 


Linwood H. Rose, President


Donna E. Burch, Secretary