Minutes No. 4 1997-98
Thursday, April 16, 1998

I. CALL TO ORDER, ATTENDANCE, MINUTES: The James Madison University Council, by electronic method, met on Thursday, April 16, 1998.

PRESENT: Dr. Jerry Benson, Dr. Douglas Brown, Dr. Barbara Castello, Mr. Kevin Chamberlin, Ms. Amy Edwards, Ms. Nicole Gallipoli, Dr. Norman Garrison, Mr. Gerald Gill, Dr. Linda Cabe-Halpern, Dr. Archer Harris, Dr. Carol Kefalas, Mr. Charles King, Mr. Stin Lenkerd, Ms. Barbara Miller, Mr. Jeff Nobel, Dr. Jackson Ramsey, Dr. Robert Reid, Dr. Linwood Rose, Mr. Andrew Sorensen, and Dr. Richard Whitman.

ABSENT: Dr. Dorothy Boyd-Rush, Dr. John Cordani, Dr. Diane Fuqua, Ms. April Roberts, Dr. Robert Scott, Mr. Glenn Smith, and Dr. Carl Weaver.

MINUTES: The University Council minutes of April 16, 1998, are approved as posted.


A. Graduate Council:

Dr. Dorothy Boyd-Rush, Chairperson, presented the following report. The Graduate Council met two times since the last University Council meeting. The following actions were approved.

B. Commission on Student Services:

Dr. Robert Scott, Chairperson, reported that the Commission on Student Services has not met since the last University Council meeting; however, there is a meeting scheduled for April 27, 1998.

C. Commission on Community:

Dr. Carol Kefalas, Chairperson, provided the following report:
The Commission has met twice since the last University Council meeting. The following items were discussed/acted on by the Commission on Community:

At the March 4, 1998 meeting:

At the April 8, 1998 meeting:

Information Items - Progress Report on Affirmative Action


Dr. Archer Harris, Speaker of the Faculty Senate, provided the following report:

Elections for 1998-1999 senators have been conducted and the membership of the 1998-1999 Faculty Senate is listed on the senate web pages (under "other years"). Officers for the 1998-1999 senate were elected at the April 09 organizational meeting and are as follows:

Speaker: J. Archer Harris
Speaker Pro Tempore: Joan Frederick
Faculty Marshal: Elizabeth Ihle
Treasurer: Carter Lyons
Secretary: Dan Flage


The following report was provided by Tim Emry, the new president-elect of the Student Government Association (SGA).
Here are some of the highlights of SGA in the past several months since the last report:

Front End Budgeting:
We have nearly wrapped up our annual front end budgeting. The finance committee had to cut over 100,000.00 dollars from the total money requested by the nine front end budgeted organizations on campus. The committee met over the weekend of March 20-22. Their suggestions were essentially accepted by the senate in our five hour meeting on April 7. Finally, the SGA executive committee passed most of the budgets for organizations the following night. There were a couple of organizations that they wanted more information on their particular requests, so they were tabled. All of the budgets will be finalized in the very near future.

Lobbying Trip:
The SGA legislative action committee was able to lead a group of senators on a lobbying trip to Richmond in February. The group lobbied state legislators on issues such as increasing funding on education and special help supporting college students whom are married. The organizer of the trip, Ann-Marie Phillips met with Dr. Rose to discuss their agenda several days before the trip.

Ad Hoc Committee on Finance Reform:
SGA Vice-President Andrew Sorensen organized a ad hoc committee of senators and other various students to examine the procedures SGA uses to allocate funds and they came up with several wonderful suggestions which will be voted upon this Tuesday in senate to determine if they should be added to the constitution. The bulk of the reform centers around ensuring that all senators take their job as representative to at least three student organizations very seriously. They will be required to make regular contact with their groups to see if they need any assistance or to see if SGA can assist them in any way, be it monetary, endorsement, etc. It is my hope that this effort will not be in vein and the service we provide to organizations will be much improved next year.

SGA Awareness Week:
SGA awareness week was held March 23-27 and was organized by the Communications and Public Relations committee. It was a big success as we reached many students through our promotion of SGA. We largely focused on advertising out on the commons during the day. Each committee put a lot of time into making their own board with information about the committee and what they have done this year and what they are still planning.

SGA Election:
The SGA election and run-off elections were held April 1 and April 8, respectively. In the first election, all seats were decided with the exception of president. The executive officers for next year will be:
Tim Emry, President
Collin Lee, Vice-President
Andrew Oh, Treasurer
Austin Adams, Secretary
The appointment of Director of Class Government, Webmaster and Parliamentarian will take place on April 22.

Diversity Days:
The Multi-Cultural committee is presenting SGA Diversity Days which is currently going on (April 6-11). The committee is chaired by myself and our featured events have been two speakers on various aspects of diversity and discrimination, a fashion show which will take place tonight, and a diversity dialog facilitated by Nicholas Cannon of San Francisco, which will take place all day tomorrow.


Mr. Kevin Chamberlin, Honor Council President, provided the following report:  

Case Update (year to date):

Cases may involve one or more individuals, who have individual outcomes. Total number of verdicts will not match total number of cases.

Honor Council Update:

Honor Advisory Board/Academic Affairs

We have been involved in many new, exciting changes this year concerning the future of the Honor Council and the Honor System. Many of these changes have come about with the help of others- Academic Council, Honor Advisory Board, Faculty Senate, Student Government Association, Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Office of the Executive Vice President, and the Office of the President. Input from these groups has been sincerely appreciated and has helped us develop what we think is a better Honor System. We feel the future looks bright.


Ms. Amy Edwards, Executive Director of the UPB, presented the following:

As reported in our last minutes, we still had two more positions to fill. We have selected two more student leaders to add the 1998-1999 Executive Board. Listed below is the completed list of Board members. The Board will be in office from April 1, 1998-March 31, 1999

Executive Director - Amy Edwards
Director of Membership - Erin Tyson
Director of Finance - Meghan Firlie
Director of Cinematic Events - James Bilgihan
Coordinator of Cinematic Events - Matt Staley
Coordinator of Cinematic Events - Sara Simberg
Coordinator of Cinematic Events - Charles Swinford
Director of Musical Events - Eric Larson
Coordinator of Musical Events - Brett McNamara
Director of Issues & Cultural Awareness - Michael Fifi Deku
Director of Comedy & Novelty - Yolanda Jefferson
Programming Coordinator - David Sessa
Director of Marketing and PR - Eunice Calcaterra
Marketing Coordinator - Stephanie Wood
Advertising Coordinator - Jennie Duvall
Media Relations Coordinator - Joy Gentile
Director of Multimedia & Information Systems - David Pascual
Director of Technical Services - Casey Houtz

All of our March events (WYCLEF JEAN, BEN HARPER, Norm MacDonald, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Womyn with Wings, John Waters, AND Tom Deluca helped give our out-going members a nice goodbye of success. It was quite a month for UPB consisting of a lot of learning and entertainment.

Although we have finished most of our programming for the rest of the academic year, we still have one more concert and a fantastic line up of movies.

SKA AGAINST RACISM will be a ska festival on April 18 in Godwin Gym. We are excited about this co-sponsorship with WXJM. They have been a pleasure to work with. This tour will bring such bands as...Less Than Jake; The Toasters; Blue Meanines; Five Iron Frenzy; Mike "Bruce Lee" Park; Kemuri; and mu 330.
For more information call UPB at x6217 or WXJM at x6878

We also have a fantastic line up of movies for the JMU community to enjoy. Many are Oscar nominees and winners!!!
Wednesday & Thursday, 4/8-9 - KUNDUN
Friday & Saturday, 4/10-11 - AS GOOD AS IT GETS
Wednesday & Thursday, 4/15-16 - DECONSTRUCTING HARRY
Friday & Saturday, 4/17-18 - WAG THE DOG
Sunday, 4/19 - LAST TANGO IN PARIS
Wednesday & Thursday, 4/22-23 - THE BOXER
Friday & Saturday, 4/24-25 - GOOD WILL HUNTING
Wednesday & Thursday, 4/2930 - THE SWEET HEREAFTER
Friday & Saturday, 5/1-2 - THE WEDDING SINGER

Hope to see you at the movies! We can be reached at our web-page www.jmu.edu/orgsupb, or contact any one of us at x6217.

This was the last meeting for the 1997-98 academic year.

Linwood H. Rose, Executive Vice President

Donna E. Burch, Secretary