Minutes No. 3 1997-98
Thursday, February 26, 1998

I. CALL TO ORDER, ATTENDANCE, MINUTES: The James Madison University Council, by electronic method, met on Thursday, February 26, 1998.

PRESENT: Dr. A. Jerry Benson, Dr. Dorothy Boyd-Rush, Dr. Douglas Brown, Dr. Barbara Castello, Mr. Kevin Chamberlin, Dr. Diane Fuqua, Ms. Nicole Gallipoli, Mr. Gerald Gill, Dr. Linda Halpern, Dr. Archer Harris, Dr. Carol Kefalas, Mr. Charles King, Mr. Stin Linkerd, Ms. Barbara Miller, Mr. Jeff Nobel, Dr. Jackson Ramsey, Dr. Robert Reid, Ms. April Roberts, Dr. Linwood Rose, Dr. Robert Scott, Mr. Andrew Sorensen, and Dr. Carl Weaver.

ABSENT: Mr. John Cordani, Dr. Norman Garrison, Ms. Michele Parsons, Mr. Glenn Smith, and Dr. Richard Whitman.

MINUTES: The University Council minutes of December 4, 1997, were approved as they are currently posted.
These University Council minutes, February 26, 1998, are approved as they are posted.


A. Graduate Council:

Dr. Dorothy Boyd-Rush, Chairperson, presented the following report. The Graduate Council met three times since the last University Council meeting and the following actions were approved.

B. Commission on Student Services:

Dr. Robert Scott, Chairperson, provided the following report:
At its February 24, 1998 meeting, the Commission on Student Services approved five new student organizations for recognition: The Virginia Biotechnology Association - JMU Chapter; Delta Delta Delta Sorority; Integrated Science and Technology Honor Society; Links; Students for a Free Tibet. One organization, Southwestern, was returned to Clubs and Organizations for further review. Should there be any questions or concerns about any of the above, please contact the Vice President for Student Affairs Office at x6226.

Mr. Randy Mitchell gave an update on the progress of the Student Success Program; Ms. Suzi Straub talked about the new CISAT Student Services and Residence Hall project. Dr. Robert Scott told the Commission about the JMU Alcohol Task Force which he chairs. Dr. Al Menard spoke about the NCAA Self-Study Accreditation. The visit from the on-site team will be in April. Mr. Byron Bullock gave an update on the Academy for African American Males.
C. Commission on Community:

Dr. Carol Kefalas, Chairperson, presented the following report:

The members of the Commission on Community heard reports from each of the Commission committees.

Affirmative Action Update:
Since the last University Council meeting, the Affirmative Action Office:


Dr. Archer Harris, Speaker of the Faculty Senate, provided the following report:

Computer Lottery:
As in past years, the Senate was provided with funds from the JMU Foundation for the "computer lottery" (winners receive a grant they can use to purchase computer equipment). There were two categories of applicants: those who had never won the lottery in past years, and those who had not won within the last five years. The drawing was held using random numbers. There were 25 winners and 10 alternates in each category. 

Committee Representative:
Dr. Sutton agreed to serve as the senate representative on the ad-hoc committee on student disruptive behavior in the classroom.

BOV Minutes:
The Senate passed a resolution requesting the minutes of Board of Visitors meetings be placed on the WEB.


Ms. April Roberts, SGA President, has provided the following information in abbreviated form for the Council's review. Should there be any questions or concerns, please contact the SGA Office at x6376, or the SGA Webpage at www.jmu.edu/orgs/sga.


Mr. Kevin Chamberlin, Honor Council President, provided the following report:  

Case Update (for the academic year):
Guilty: 3
Not Guilty: 2
Administrative Option: 6
Cases Dropped: 11
Cases Active: 4

Committee Updates:
The new plaque committee has recently received initial approval for hanging the 17 violations and other Honor Council information in the academic buildings on campus. Individual Building Coordinators are being contacted for their approval.

The orientation committee is developing a short video that could easily be used in presentations. They are working to have Honor Council information, possibly a presentation, readmitted to the summer orientation schedule. We would like to have incoming freshmen sign the honor pledge during orientation. This was taken out of orientation sessions last summer and should be reinstated.

The honor awareness committee is developing preliminary plans for honor awareness week.

The presentation committee has continued to give presentations to students groups around campus.

New Members:
The Honor Council executives have selected ten new student representatives. They are currently going through training.
Honor Advisory Board:
The Honor Advisory Board has not had to meet this semester. They will be meeting to discuss changes to the Honor Council constitution.

Ms. Michele Parsons, Executive Director, presented the following:

The 98-99 board has been elected. The following elects will train for the month of March and officially begin their positions on April 1, 1998.
Executive Director - Amy Edwards
Director of Membership - Erin Tyson
Director of Finance - Meghan Firlie
Director of Cinematic Events - James Bilgihan
Coordinator of Cinematic Events - Matt Staley
Coordinator of Cinematic Events - Sara Simberg
Coordinator of Cinematic Events - SEARCH REOPENED
Director of Musical Events - Eric Larson
Coordinator of Musical Events - Brett McNamara
Director of Issues & Cultural Awareness - Michael Fiifi Deku
Director of Comedy & Novelty - SEARCH REOPENED
Programming Coordinator - David Sessa
Director of Marketing and PR - Eunice Calcaterra
Marketing Coordinator - Stephanie Wood
Advertising Coordinator - Jennie Duvall
Media Relations Coordinator - Joy Gentile
Director of Multimedia & Information Systems - David Pascual
Director of Technical Services - Casey Houtz

March events are as follows:
Sunday, March 1 - WYCLEF JEAN featuring Refugee Allstars, Convocation Center - 8pm
Tuesday, March 3 - BEN HARPER and the Innocent Criminals, Wilson Hall - 8pm
Friday, March 20 - Comedian Norm MacDonald, Wilson Hall - 8pm
Monday, March 23 - Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Wilson Hall - 8pm
Tuesday, March 24 - Womyn with Wings (3-person play), Wilson Hall - 8pm FREE TO ALL!
Tuesday, March 24 - Film Director John Waters, Grafton-Stovall Theater - 8:30pm
Friday, March 27 - Hypnotist Tom Deluca, Wilson Hall - 8pm

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 16, 1998.

Linwood H. Rose, Executive Vice President

Donna E. Burch, Secretary