Minutes No. 3 1998-99
Wednesday, February 24, 1999

I. CALL TO ORDER AND ATTENDANCE: The James Madison University Council met on Wednesday, February 24, 1999, at 4:00 p.m. in Taylor 306, with Dr. Linwood Rose, President, presiding.

PRESENT: Mr. Ralph Alberico, Dr. Dorothy Boyd-Rush, Mr. Blair Brown, Dr. Teresa Gonzalez (representing Dr. Doug Brown), Dr. James Couch, Ms. Amy Edwards, Mr. Tim Emry, Dr. Linda Halpern, Dr. Arthur Hamilton, Dr. Archer Harris, Mr. Geoff Polglase, Dr. Robert Reid, Dr. Charles Reynolds, Dr. Robert Scott, Dr. Mark Warner, and Dr. Richard Whitman.

ABSENT: Dr. Jerry Benson, Dr. Barbara Castello, Dr. Joan Frederick, Dr. Elizabeth Garbrah-Aidoo, Dr. John Gilje, Dr. Matthew Gilley, Mr. Charles King, Mr. Collin Lee, Dr. Dorn Peterson, and Ms. Cammie Weston.


Graduate Council:

Dr. Dorothy Boyd-Rush, Chairperson, presented the following report:

The Graduate Council met two times (December and January) since the last University Council meeting. The following actions may be reported.

A. Eight faculty members were given graduate faculty status.

B. Several course changes were approved in Art and Art History, Communication Sciences and Disorders, History and Kinesiology. Course designators for the MBA program were changed so that "MBA" will be reflected for all MBA courses.

C. The following Program Changes were approved:

1. Kinesiology submitted changes based on recommendations from Academic Program Review of Spring 1997. The program is being expanded in the area of sport, recreation and leisure studies. The Sports Studies concentration will be offered within the existing degree program.

2. Hearing Disorders reorganized program content to better prepare students for clinical experiences. This reorganization will bridge gap between didactic information gained the first year and clinical experiences obtained during summers, creating integration between the two.

3. History will offer an MA (without thesis) option to accommodate students who are not interested in the existing MAT, as well as those interested Public History offerings. Program length will remain 30 graduate credits for either track, but MA (with thesis) requires 18 graduate hours @ 600-level while MA (without thesis) requires 24 graduate hours @ 600-level.

4. Health Sciences based changes on the new national Standards for the Preparation of Graduate-Level Health Educators that will also provide more necessary structure to benefit both faculty and students. The revised program includes a core of courses designed to address the standards as well as offer a directed research option in addition to the current thesis and non-thesis options.

D. The School of Education discontinued the School Library Media and Media Services program and the minor in Educational Media and drop all LSEM courses. This action is being taken due to reallocation of faculty resources to other programs.

Commission on Student Services:

Dr. Mark Warner, chairperson, reported that the Commission on Student Services met on Friday, January 29, 1999.

Dr. Warner provided to the Commission an update on the Alcohol and Drug Parental Notification Plan and the Student Relations Week activities.


Commission on Community:

Dr. Mark Warner, chairperson, presented the following report. The Commission met on Friday, January 22, 1999

At the January meeting, we discussed the Dolley Madison Award, which has historically been given at Founder's Day. The Commission membership decided not to give the award this year, but rather to spend the time revisiting the process, selection criteria and award timing. The purpose of these efforts will be to enhance the prestige of the award.

The Commission members were also given a set of questions to which to respond dealing with "community" from a variety of viewpoints.



Dr. Archer Harris, Speaker of the Faculty Senate, presented the following report:

Senate Constitution Amendment
A motion to recommend to the faculty a change in the Senate Constitution was passed by the Senate. The vote on amending the constitution by the full faculty will be held shortly. The proposed amendment is to change Article VII of the Senate constitution as follows.
Article VII, Amendments and enabling act:
Section 1. This constitution, or any future amendments, shall become effective when approved by:
A. A vote of two-thirds of the faculty who vote provided that more than one-half of the total faculty have participated in the voting process.
B. The president of the university
C. The Board of Visitors

Article VII, Amendments and enabling act:
Section 1. This constitution, or any future amendments, shall become effective when approved by:
A. A vote of two-thirds of the full-time faculty who vote provided that more than one-half of the total full-time faculty have participated in the voting process, OR if less than one-half of the full-time faculty vote, a vote of one-third of the total full-time faculty.
B. The president of the university
C. The Board of Visitors


Mr. Tim Emry, SGA President, presented the following report:

This semester, SGA has gotten off to a quick start and I am optimistic that this year will go strong through our last meeting in April. Here is a brief rundown of the pertinent activities that we have been involved in.

A. The Legislative Action Committee led a lobbying trip to Richmond on Feb. 18. The group lobbied on behalf of JMU on pending state legislation. Most of their lobbying was focused on procuring more funding for JMU. They are also lobbied on issues of tuition costs and other bills of direct concern to students.

B. The Academic Affairs Committee is working on bills to address issues of freshman and major advising, library, and faculty resources. The bills are still in their drafting stages, but should be introduced and passed in the coming weeks. The committee hopes to present some of their proposals to Centennial Commission so that they could incorporate them in some of the Commissions recommendations.

C. The Student Services Committee has started the Police Relations Panel up again. The first meeting was held Feb. 17. They plan on holding two more meeting this year for the panel. With recent events, there is renewed student interest in getting the panel going again. There was solid attendance and enthusiasm at the first meeting and my hope is that it can continue.

D. The Senate passed a resolution on Feb. 16 stating that is supports the Center for Counseling and Student Development in their effort to obtain more staff psychologists.

E. Special Advisory allocated SGA $365,090 to distribute to Front-End Budgeted Organizations for FY 1999-2000. This was the exact amount requested by SGA Treasurer Andy Oh. We are thankful for the full allocation and plan to see it distributed responsibly come April.

F. Finally, Mr. Emry made the motion to include the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday as a University Holiday beginning with the 2000-2001 academic calendar. The motion was seconded by Mr. Brown. A motion was also made to table the motion until the next meeting, April 15, 1999. Prior to that meeting, Mr. Emry will provide information to all members regarding recommendations/suggestions on how to implement this holiday into the calendar.



Mr. Blair Brown, Honor Council President, presented the following information:

A. The Honor Council received statistics regarding the effectiveness of the new Honor System. The statistics accounted for all cases of alleged academic misconduct during the fall semester of 1998. The results were as follows:

B. The Honor Council is in the final stages of preparing its budget to Academic Affairs. President Blair Brown submitted a proposed budget for review February 5, 1999.

C. The Honor Council executive committee received applications for new representatives on Friday, January 29, 1999. We accepted eight new applicants and are pleased to have them as members of the Honor Council.

D. The Honor Council has finalized membership in the Center for Academic Integrity. The Center is a national organization for different colleges and universities that utilize honor systems. Through membership, we will have access to statistics regarding effectiveness of honor codes, and access to other, various informative materials.

E. Honor Awareness Week has been scheduled for March 29 to April 2. We have planned to be on the commons those days and are also planning an Honor Council forum to discuss issues regarding the general effectiveness of the Code. This is a week in which we hope to continue to assist the JMU community in its involvement of our Honor System.



Ms. Amy Edwards, UPB Executive Chair, presented the following information

UPB has undergone considerable changes recently. The executive council has been restructured for the 1999-2000 year. This new system allows all programmers and support staff to be on an equal level instead of our former hierarchy. We hope this will create a new dynamic of dedication and satisfaction. We were all very excited to pass these changes and look forward to the several new positions that were created. The following are the positions for 1999-2000. (* indicates new positions)

Executive Director
Director of Finance
Director of Membership
Director of Cinematic Events
Director of Musical Events
Director of Comedy/Novelty
Director of Issues and Cultural Awareness
Director of Hospitality*
Director of Technical Services
Director of Marketing and P.R.
Director of Media Relations
Director of Multimedia and Graphics Design*
Director of Print Advertising*
Director of Special Advertising*

You may notice the specific nature of each job title. We are dedicated to providing students with job skills applicable to the real world experiences they'll encounter after they leave JMU. All jobs are tailored to giving such training to students.

We are currently involved in the election process for next year. We received a positive amount of interest in our positions and have created a screening committee to narrow the applicants to a reasonable amount for interviews. We will announce our new board March 1 for the beginning of co-term training month.

We began this semester with another sell out concert at the convocation center. The Butsa Rhymes show proved to be a fantastic evening of entertainment. UPB is responsible for transforming the convocation basketball court to a full concert production area. We were all glad to have the event on a Saturday so we didn't have to run back and forth from classes. We invite all of you to view a quicktime photo of what we do to make this transformation happen on our webpage jmu.edu/orgs/upb.

There has been a lot of hype and enthusiasm surrounding the preview month of UPB T.V. Unfortunately, this successful idea with Campus Life will not become a reality. The office of Residence life is unable to increase their budget to allow the $30,000 a year it would cost to provide this service to JMU residents. We have tried shifting money and juggling other ideas to see if we could still make it possible. At this time we have no viable options. If you have any suggestions or input as to how we can continue this well received service, please do not hesitate to contact me or the UPB coordinator, Chris Stup. (stupcm, x7892)

Upcoming UPB events are as follows:

March 20 Robert Bradley's Black Water Surprise
April 12 Jim Bruer, Saturday Night Live comedian

UPB has several co-sponsorship events also coming up this semester:

WXJM radio station has their Mid Atlantic College Radio Conference coming April 9-11. We are supporting them financially with this outstanding project. M.A.C.R.oC.k will have bands coming from all around the east coast to perform in several venues around Harrisonburg.

Annually we help Alpha Kappa Lambda put on their cancer fundraiser Lambardigras. This event will be Saturday, April 17 on Godwin Field. The bands Everything, Pat McGee, Virginia Coalition, and Sev will be performing.

A new addition to our spring line up is a co-sponsorship with Delta Delta Delta to put on a field festival. Our comedy & novelty committee will provide fun games to accent the event. This event will be held on Godwin Field Saturday afternoon, April 10.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:25 p.m.



Linwood H. Rose, President


Donna E. Burch, Secretary