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University Council

Agenda 2003-2004

Proceedings 2003-2004

University Council Members 2003-2004

Proceedings 2002-2003

   - Minutes No. 1 - 10-24-02
   - Minutes No. 2 - 11-21-02
   - Minutes No. 3 - 2-20-03
   - Minutes No. 4 - 4-10-03
   - University Council Members 2002-2003

Proceedings 2001-2002

Past Proceedings 1997-2000

Members 2002-2003

Advised and assists the president in formulating and implementing policy

in order to assist the university in achieving its mission.



Dr. Linwood Rose, President



Ralph Alberico, Library

Jerry Benson, College of Integrated Science & Technology

Patricia Brady, faculty, Music

David Brakke, College of Science & Mathematics

Douglas Brown, Academic Affairs

Michael Busing, faculty, Business

Karen Forcht, faculty, Business

Steve Frysinger, faculty, ISAT

Linda Halpern, General Education

Donna Harper, Executive Assistant to the President

Charles King, Administration and Finance

Sharon Lovell, College of Education

Ramon Mata-Toledo,   faculty, Computer Science

Robert Reid, College of Business

Michael Smilowitz, faculty, Communication Studies

Kathy Stafford, University Advancement

William Walker, College of Graduate & Professional Programs

Mark Warner, Student Affairs, University Planning & Analysis

Richard Whitman, College of Arts and Letters

David Zimmerman, faculty, Education



Andrea Fischetti, SGA Vice President

John Horigan, Honor Council President

Levar Stoney, SGA President

Emily Wyman, University Program Board Chair

Graduate student representative

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