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Minutes No. 3   2001-2002
Thursday, February 21, 2002

I.  CALL TO ORDER AND ATTENDANCE: The James Madison University Council met electronically on Thursday, February 21, 2002.

PRESENT:  Mr. Ralph Alberico, Dr. Jerry Benson, Dr. David Brakke, Dr. Doug Brown, Dr. Barbara Castello, Dr. Stephanie Chisolm, Dr. Steve Frysinger, Dr. Sharon Lovell, Dr. Dona Gilliam, Dr. Art Hamilton, Ms. Donna Harper, Mr. Charles King, Ms. Meghann McCroskey, Dr. William O'Meara, Dr. Linwood Rose, Dr. James Ruff, Dr. William Walker, Dr. Mark Warner and Dr. Richard Whitman.

ABSENT: Mr. Charles Crosson, Mr. Brandon Durflinger, Ms. Rachel Franco, Dr. Linda Halpern, Mr. David Mills, Dr. Robert Reid, Dr. Robert Scott, Dr. Craig Shealy, and Dr. Anne Stewart.


Committee on Academic Programs:

Dr. Steve Frysinger, Chair, forwarded the following report.

The Committee on Academic Programs (CAP) has been formed (see attached roster). Because of the size of the committee and the difficulty in scheduling, our first face-to-face meeting will be on March 29th. Therefore, I have started a "virtual meeting" through which we can begin our organizing process. Taking the Faculty Handbook as the statute, we're attempting to interpret the tasks described there and develop specific operating procedures. Apart from the usual logistical details surrounding any committee, we need to answer many policy and procedure questions, such as "How are conflicts brought to the CAP, and who has standing to bring them?" and "How will the CAP interact with academic issues that do not move through the normal C&I process?". Because of the important role served by this committee, it is my intention to establish clear and fair operating procedures and policies so that the faculty at large understand how we will conduct our business and address the issues brought before us. 

Graduate Council:
Dr. N. William Walker, Interim Dean, forwarded the following report:
Old Business:

·        Eighteen electronic Faculty/Instructor approvals

·        Three administrative Faculty/Instructor approvals

·      Eleven electronic Course Approval/Changes approved

New Business:        

1.      New policy:  Eligibility Criteria for Assistantships - approved.

2.      Issues under discussion:

a.       Undergraduate students taking grad courses

b.      Graduate students enrolled in more than one graduate program simultaneously

c.       International students seeking to extend program beyond completion of program requirements

d.      Notification of rejection and/or failure to complete comps

e.       Adjunct graduate faculty application form

3.      Decisions:

a.       Announcements received at the College of Graduate and Professional Programs will be scanned onto CGAPP web site with an email announcement sent to Graduate Council members for their review

b.      The electronic voting process will be revised so that members will have several choices when voting

4.   Comments from the Advocacy and marketing sub-committee:

·        Need to emphasize what makes graduate programs at JMU unique.

5.  Comments from the Certification development/approval process sub-committee:

·        Need to address defining the terms: concentration, minor, and certificate.

6.      Comments from the Analysis/allocation of graduate assistants sub-committee:

·        Need to assemble data that shows graduate assistant activities, then present information indicating the value of these activities to the university.

7.      Discussion on the budget crisis and our use of GA’s, i.e. whether to prioritize roles of GA/TA to emphasize support of instructors

8.      Criteria for proposing new programs was discussed

·        Dr. Walker will ask members to submit suggestions for new program proposal criteria

9.      Announcements:

·        Graduate Council meetings for spring will be held in Moody Lounge.

·        There will be an annual retreat in May.

·        Graduate Student Representatives are beginning work on a Graduate Student Organization.

Commission on Community:
Dr. Anne Stewart and Mr. Zeb Davenport, Co-Chairs, forwarded the following report.  

Campus Climate Assessment.  The Commission is continuing to develop a strategy for conducting an assessment of the campus climate.
a.        The scope of activities, projected timeline, and budget needs for the campus climate assessment was discussed in more detail with Ms. Donna Harper and a written charge was received in December.  Ms. Harper assisted the committee with our request for support to develop a proposed methodology for the assessment.  As a result, Vicki Wise and Charles Lockett met with the committee to discuss the charge, special considerations in implementing the assessment, and concerns.  The timeline for conducting the assessment in a credible and useful manner continue to be a concern.
b.       A collection of articles and annotated bibliography for recommended practices in climate assessment has been assembled.  Additional references and instruments and are continuing to be collected.  Zeb and Anne continue to make contacts with other university personnel to learn how assessments have been conducted at other universities.

Subcommittee Structure and Activities.  Members have indicated on which Commission activities they prefer to work:

Climate Assessment

Davenport, Stewart

Diversity Defined

Wilborn, Allain, Edwards, Gatesman

Campus Training

Gibson, Wilkerson, Rosier

Community Connections Reception and Foundation account to support area students from underrepresented populations.

Rabie, Knight

Infusing Diversity into the Curriculum

Sternberger (also Charles Lockett, Psychology faculty)

The Campus Training sub-committee reported they would like to offer 2 workshops, April 4-5, one and ˝ hours in length and limit to 20 participants to each workshop. The focus of workshops would be an initial awareness component and in future would expand to different levels. The Commission members discussed the possibility of
·  creating a “Passport Program” of workshops for faculty and staff
·  incorporating the awareness workshops into the World of Difference workshop series
·  creating a logo for the Campus Training workshops.

Dr. William O'Meara forwarded the following report:  The Senate met the first Thursday of December and the last Thursday of January and considered several issues, including:

SACS Report and General Education Review

Martha Ross and Rob Koslow spoke in detail with the Senate about SACS.  They agreed with the Senate that the statistical survey of faculty and administrators would not be used as proof that JMU is in compliance with any of the "must" statements required by SACS.  The Speaker had argued for the Senate's view that the actual number of faculty who responded to the survey allowed for a 14 to 20% margin of error in interpreting the results of the survey.

Violet Allain also discussed the General Education Program Review.   The Speaker asked that the Senate be able to see the report for the External Review Team before the External Review Team comes to campus.  The Senate wishes to have sufficient time to analyze the report so that we can participate fully in the Review.


Ms. Towana Moore and the Senate discussed parking problems on campus.  She announced that ten more faculty spaces in the parking deck would be added and ten would be added in the lot across from the Business Building.  If these spaces are not sufficient, more spaces would be allotted to faculty in another month after close monitoring of parking.


Academic Freedom

The Senate has considered a working document from the Faculty Concerns Committee on some recommendations for improving the Faculty Handbook statements on academic freedom and is continuing to consider this matter for the purpose of making recommendations on academic freedom.

Thanks to JMU Foundation

The following motion to thank the JMU Foundation was approved.

Whereas, the JMU Foundation has been extremely generous in its support of the JMU faculty computer lottery; and

Whereas, over fifty faculty each year benefit from the computer lottery by receiving grants of up to $500 to support computer related purchases; and

Whereas, these purchases allow faculty to enhance their performance as teachers and scholars, thus improving the quality of education at JMU;

Therefore, Resolved, that the JMU Faculty Senate extends their utmost gratitude to the Foundation for their continued generosity and support.


Motion to Support Central Web Site for Syllabi

The Senate approved a motion to endorse a central web site for faculty to voluntarily submit their syllabi so that students could have more information about prospective courses and sections before they register.


General Education and Board of Visitors

At the Senate's January meeting, the Speaker reviewed Dr. Erwin's report to the Board of Visitors' Committee on Education and Student Life on the measurement of General Education at JMU.  He asked the Academic Policies Committee of the Senate to study this report.   Since the Committee of the Board of Visitors was so interested in the statistical results, the Speaker has recommended to Dr. Brown that the university collect the results of our seniors' performance on such national tests as the GRE, the LSAT, the MCAT, and the GMAT.  The Speaker told the Senate that he had made this recommendation to the Academic Vice President.


Surveys on Merit Pay and on Retirement

In February, the Senate conducted a survey of faculty attitudes on merit pay and will be releasing the results of the survey shortly.  Senate will also do a survey of faculty attitudes on factors affecting their decisions to retire from full time teaching.

Mr. Dave Mills, SGA President, forwarded the attached report.

Ms. Meghann McCroskey, Honor Council President, provided the following information.

Case Update:   

Formal Resolutions:        12

Awaiting Appeal:              1 

Informal Resolutions:     


The council has given over 50 representations in the classrooms.  The presentation consists of one or two representatives who introduce themselves, show the Honor Council video, and conclude their presentations with important information and questions.  They have all been very successful in both educating the community and increasing awareness of the Honor Code. 


New Representatives

The council has currently accepted students to sit on the council.  Before their induction they will be required to attend sessions to learn about the council, code and hearing procedures.


Honor Awareness Week

Our next major project is honor awareness week which will take place the first week of April (1-5).  We will have representatives on the Commons and in the mailroom that will hand out information and give-aways.  We are also working on a speaker and a film to show.

Ms. Rachel Franco, presented the following report.

The University Program Board began the spring semester off with quite a busy start.  Preparations immediately went underway to promote the first events of the semester, two free sneak previews of "Mothman Prophecies" on January 24th and "Slackers" on January 31st in Grafton-Stovall Theatre.  Both movies were incredibly successful as excited students filled the venue to capacity.  This academic year, UPB has had the opportunity to show more sneak previews than in any previous year.  The outcome of it all has been nothing but positive, and we hope to be able to continue their success.

Alongside the preparations of upcoming February events, UPB has also been preparing itself to electing a new executive board for the 2002-2003 academic year.  Applications had been distributed and recently returned.  The process now proceeds with interviews and then finally the elections of a new board.  We still encourage those that did not apply to come be a part of our team by volunteering.  It is rewarding experience to be able to learn about the behind the scenes work in programming for the JMU campus.

One of our newest events took place on February 5th on the commons.  Our arts events committee brought "translucence:  ice sculptures on the commons," a very innovative program that gave students the opportunity to carve their own ice sculptures.  Each of the finished products were left on the commons for display for the remainder of the week.

Another artistic event took place on February 12th at the Franklin Street Gallery.  Our issues and cultural awareness committee sponsored the "black art expo" in honor of black history month.  The afternoon event showcased jazz music by the Sam Wilson Trio while refreshments were available after a walk through the exhibit.  Four African-American artists' works were displayed, one of those artists being a JMU student.  Many people came throughout the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful art, making it an enjoyable success for UPB. 

Our biggest event of the month is "Ludacris," a hip-hop concern that will be held in the
Convocation Center on February 16th.  All in thanks to our wonderful advertising team, UPB was able to sell out the show within 2 weeks.  We are anticipating an incredibly exciting show, and from the feedback we have been receiving lately, students seem extremely eager to get the concert underway.

There are two more events that have been planned thus far.  "Ain't Misbehaving'," the Broadway musical, is set to be performed in Wilson Hall on February 20th, and comedian Dave Chappelle is scheduled to perform on April 1st, also in Wilson Hall.

So far our semester has turned out to be a bit hectic at times.  Overall UPB is thankful for the success it has been having during the months of January and February.  We hope to continue our mission of educating and enlightening JMU students through our programming.


NOTE:  The next meeting of the University Council is scheduled to meet electronically Thursday, April 11, 2002.



Linwood H. Rose, President



Donna E. Burch, Secretary





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