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Minutes No. 2   2001-2002
Thursday, November 29, 2001

I.  CALL TO ORDER AND ATTENDANCE: The James Madison University Council met electronically on Thursday, November 29, 2001.

PRESENT:  Mr. Ralph Alberico, Dr. Jerry Benson, Dr. Doug Brown, Dr. Barbara Castello, Mr. Charles Crosson, Mr. Brandon Durflinger, Dr. John Gilje, Dr. Dona Gilliam, Dr. Linda Halpern, Dr. Art Hamilton, Ms. Donna Harper, Mr. Charles King, Mr. Meghann McCroskey, Mr. David Mills, Dr. Bill O'Meara, Dr. Robert Reid, Dr. Lin Rose, Dr. James Ruff, Dr. Robert Scott, Dr. Craig Shealy, Dr. Anne Stewart, Dr. William Walker, Dr. Mark Warner, and Dr. Richard Whitman.

ABSENT: Dr. David Brakke, Dr. Stephanie Chisolm, and Ms. Rachel Franco.


Committee on Academic Programs:

This committee has not met.

Graduate Council:
Dr. William Walker, Interim Dean, forwarded the following report:
·                  One Faculty/Instructor approval

Old Business:

·                    Eighteen electronic Faculty/Instructor approvals

·                    Two administrative Faculty Instructor approvals

New Business:

1.                  Iris Wilson reported on the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship. Dr. Walker will be contact person for JMU.

2.                  Discussion regarding the procedural issues of the month:

a.                   Conditions on admission: Who’s responsible for tracking conditions?

b.                  Consistency in expectation of FT GA work hours, i.e. “…15 to 20 hours per week.”

3.                  The issue of electronic voting being similar to “rubber stamp approval” was discussed.

4.                  Two policies were voted on electronically and were approved:

·                    Policy for graduate students requesting permission to participate in   the graduation ceremony just prior to the full completion of their graduate program requirements.

Each program will include a statement in their graduate program catalog description that clearly states the individual program policy for students requesting participation in graduation ceremonies prior to the completion of their program requirements. Any request for exception to the individual program policy must be made to the coordinator of the graduate program.

·                    Policy for graduate students receiving assistantship funding requesting

permission to seek paid employment in addition to their assistantship.

            Graduate students receiving stipends from VA state funds are permitted to pursue employment in addition to their 15-20 assistantship hours provided the decision is endorsed by the student's program coordinator or core faculty.  This decision should be carefully made taking into account the overall effect on the student's academic performance.  A memo or letter must be filed with the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Programs describing the arrangements made with the student.

5.         Comments from the Advocacy and marketing sub-committee were:

·                    Address the question—What makes us unique? Then market in that direction. Look at mission statement from each of the programs to discover their uniqueness and then find commonalities.

6.                  Comments from the Analysis/allocation of assistantship sub-committee:

·                    Should there be a reallocation?

-- discussion consisted of questioning fairness in allocations

-- duties of GA

7.                  Announcements:

·                    Amy Burkhardt will be our second student representative for the Graduate Council.

·                    The Graduate Fair will be held in Taylor 202 on November 29, 2001 from 

            4:00-6:00 p.m.

·                    The next Graduate Council meeting will be held in the Festival Dining Room

·                    The CGAPP newsletter is under development and is looking for a name

·                    There will be a CGAPP Procedure and Policy manual revision

·                    The College of Graduate and Professional Programs is in the process of creating a website joining together the Graduate School and Continuing Education websites

·                    There will be modifications in procedures for “CE” course timelines

Commission on Community:
Dr. Anne Stewart and Mr. Zeb Davenport, Co-Chairs, forwarded the following report:

The Commission on Community held its second meeting of the semester November 14, 2001. The committee reviewed the primary charge for the year, committee membership, on-going committee activities, and liaisons with other diversity initiatives.  

Campus Climate Assessment 
The Commission is continuing to develop a strategy for conducting an assessment of the campus climate:

1.                  The scope of activities, projected timeline, and budget needs for the campus climate assessment was discussed in more detail with Ms. Donna Harper and a written charge was requested. 

2.                  Preliminary contact has been made with two potential consultants.  Rev. Grace and Zeb Davenport reported the results from their conversations with consultants (Putnam/Harvard and Singer/ Baltimore).  The consultants’ initial feedback was positive regarding their ability to assist JMU in the climate assessment process.  Each consultant required more detail regarding the scope of work in order to provide an estimate of his or her expected fee.  Each strongly indicated that it would be over $10,000 for the magnitude of work presented.

3.                  A collection of articles and annotated bibliography for recommended practices in climate assessment is being assembled.  Commission members may request copies of articles to be sent to them.

4.                  Members discussed multiple influences that may have resulted in the request for the climate assessment including the development of the Safe Zone survey.

Diversity Activities Update/Liaisons 
Brief updates were provided about a number of diversity related activities including the Faculty-Staff Education subcommittee (the C on C and ISM’s Diversity Training group, contact Pam Gibson or Brenda Wilkinson), ISM’s Rainbow Paper, and the ISM’s website group, the Safe Zone trainings and survey, faculty and HR orientation/training, and the Greek climate survey.  It was noted that a number of groups are conducting activities or gathering data that will be useful for the climate assessment.  C on C members were asked to assume specific ‘liaison’ roles with other groups to ensure that information is exchanged and to offer the support of the C on C in accomplishing shared goals.  

Subcommittee Structure
Members are indicating which Commission activities on which they prefer to work to establish subcommittees for the following initiatives:

  • Climate assessment
  • Faculty-Staff Education subcommittee (Diversity training)
  • Website
  • Recommended Practices for Faculty Recruitment and Retention
  • CC Reception and Foundation account to support area students from underrepresented populations.

The Commission plans on meeting every other week next semester (alternating every other week for subcommittee and large group meeting).

Dr. William O'Meara forwarded the following report:  The Senate met the first Thursday of October and considered several issues, including:

Faculty Morale Survey
The Steering Committee released the written report on the comments from the Faculty Morale Survey by email to the Senators on October 31.  We also met with Doug Brown and the Deans on October 31 to discuss the report and to make suggestions for improving morale.  We appreciated the Academic Council listening to the Senate and the faculty and hope that we can continue in this process.  We hope that the Academic Councils in the colleges can be a significant resource for the Deans in working on the problem areas that we have identified.

Academic Freedom
The Senate considered a working document from the Faculty Concerns Committee on some recommendations for improving the Faculty Handbook statements on academic freedom.  Senators were asked to have their departments make recommendations for the Senate to consider for passing on the new Faculty Handbook Committee.

The Report for SACS
The consensus of the Senate was that the written responses by Rob Koslow and Martha Ross to the Senate's questions in October were insufficient.  The Speaker wrote to them, asking for some improvements in the Report.  Rob and the Speaker met November 20 to review these matters, and several suggestions will be incorporated into the body of the Report.  Rob was very cordial and will also come the Senate's December meeting to review these improvements.

Social Security payments and many other federal benefits will rise 2.6 percent in January, matching the increase in the consumer price index over the past year, the federal government announced.  The Social Security Administration also said that separate calculation not involving inflation showed that over the past year average wages paid in jobs covered by Social Security rose 5.53 percent.  As a result the amount of wages on which the 6.2 percent Social Security tax is levied will rise to $84,900 next year from $80,400 this year.  [Washington Post, October 20, 2001]

Mr. Dave Mills, SGA President, forwarded the attached report.

Ms. Meghann McCroskey, Honor Council President, provided the following information.

Case Update:   

Formal Resolutions:        4

Awaiting Resolutions:      3 

Informal Resolutions:     20

Honor Council Day

The Honor Council held Honor Council Day on October 28th.  The day was filled with leadership learning activities, new representative induction and pizza. 

Honor Advisory Board

The Honor Advisory Board met has not met since the last University Council report.

Ms. Rachel Franco, presented the following report.

To end the month of October, the University Program Board co-sponsored “Sunset on the Quad” with the homecoming committee on Halloween night.  Beginning three years ago, Sunset on the Quad has been an annual event to help kick off Homecoming weekend.  Acappella groups, cheerleaders, and the Breakdancing Club performed for an enthusiastic and eager crowd, despite the cold Halloween night.


Another homecoming event, “talent jam” took place November 1st in Wilson Hall.  Mitch Fatel, a comedian that has appeared on the Tonight Show and the Late Show, was our emcee for the evening.  Despite this being his first visit to JMU, he had the audience roaring with laughter in between set changes.  Several JMU acts were showcased that evening, all competing for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes ranging from acoustic acts and tap dancing, to jump ropers and slam poetry; the night was a success.


Our most successful event, O.A.R., took place in Wilson Hall on November 4th.  O.A.R., which stands for “of a revolution,” is a jam/rock/funk band.  The band performed for about 2 hours and had the crowd energized all evening as students danced the night away.  


Our only sneak preview this month was “How High” starring Methodman and Redman.  As with our other sneak previews, Grafton-Stovall was filled to capacity, and the audience seemed to have enjoyed the movie.


Better than Ezra, a mellow rock band, performed in Wilson Hall on November 11th.  Although this concert was put on by the music industry class, the University Program Board helped out with whatever was needed for the show.


Our last event was not a real “event” but a retreat.  UPB decided to go on a retreat during the weekend of November 16th.  It was time for the organization to get away, and re-work our team skills.  The weekend was filled with teambuilding exercises, workshops, and social activities that taught us how to work better with each other, and taught us to just have fun.  The weekend proved to be very beneficial to UPB.


With all these events that have been planned and organized, the University Program Board had been able to give the JMU students and community a variety of events to choose from.  We hope to be able keep up with the success we have had so far.


NOTE:  The next meeting is scheduled to meet electronically Thursday, February 21, 2002.



Linwood H. Rose, President



Donna E. Burch, Secretary





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