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Institutional Review Board for Research Involving Human Subjects



2013 - 2014 Committee Members

Reviews faculty/student research involving human subjects.



David Cockley, Faculty, Health Science



Liam Buckley, faculty, Anthropology

Heather Carmack, faculty, Communication Studies

Tammy Castle, faculty, Justice Studies

Laura Desportes Bowman, faculty, Education Programs

Eric Fife, faculty, School of Communication Studies

Pamela Gibson, faculty, Department of Psychology

Janet Gloeckner, faculty, Health Science

Trent Hargens, Kinesiology

John Hulvey, Grant and Contract Accounting

C. Leigh Nelson, faculty, School of Speech Communication Studies

Bob Roberts, faculty, Political Science

Aram Shahin, faculty, Foreign Language Department

Carolyn Schubert, Health Sciences & Nursing Librarian

Linda Sobel, faculty, Nursing Department

Carolyn Strong, Research Integrity

Valerie Sulfaro, Political Science Department



Student Representatives

Neil Francis


Community Representatives

Ms. Betsy Early, Rockingham Memorial Hospital

Ms. Helen Young, Rockingham Memorial Hospital