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Honor Council Advisory Board



2013 - 2014 Committee Members

Exercises various responsibilities in connection with the operation of the university's honor system.



Ronald Cereola, faculty, College of Business



Steve Baedke, faculty, Geology and Environmental Science

Christopher Campbell, Career and Academic Planning

Teresa Gonzalez, Vice-Provost

Ralph Grove, faculty, College of Integrated Science and Engineering

Elizabeth Kissling, Arts & Letters

Nancy Nichols, The Graduate School

Steve Purcell, faculty, College of Education

Randall Wheaton, faculty, School of Music

Michael Yankey, faculty, COB-Marketing

Raymond Ramquist, Community Representative



Emily Bennett, HC President

Andrew Peaden, HC VP

Stephanie Bender, HC Investigator

Tim Colna, HC Investigator

Rana Rahmat, HC Investigator

Jon Teconchuck, HC Investigator

Vanessa Burshnic, SGA


Susan Wheeler