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Commission and Committees

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Committee on Academic Programs

2014 - 2015 Committee Members

Serves as the final faculty and administrative body to review and recommend to the president and board of visitors curricular matters related to the entire university (e.g., degree requirements; major changes within the general education program; and the addition, deletion and significant modifications of all programs).



Debra Warne, College of Science and Mathematics



3 Faculty Senators by Faculty Senate

Leigh Nelson, School of Communication Studies

Cole Welter, Art Design & Art History

Timothy Louwers, College of Business


1 Faculty Member by each College Curriculum Committee

Rustin Greene, College of Arts and Letters

Matthew Rutherford, College of Business

Steve Purcell, College of Education

Cindy Hunter, College of Health and Behavioral Science

Brad Striebig, College of Integrated Science and Engineering

Robert E. (Ed) Lee, College of Science and Mathematics

Carl Donakowski, College of Visual and Performing Arts

Georgia Polacek, General Education Council

2 Faculty Members by Graduate Council

Karin Tollefson, School of Art & Art History

Mary Jean Speare, School of Music


1 Member by Library & Educational Technologies

Genya O'Gara, Libraries and Educational Technologies


1 Member by University Studies

Herb Amato, University Programs


VP for Academic Affairs

Jerry Benson (represented by Teresa Gonzalez)


2 College Deans

Robert Kolvoord, Dean, College of Integrated Science and Engineering

George Sparks, College of Visual and Performing Arts


Graduate Student: (1 by Grad Council)

Natasha DuMerville

Student: (1 by SGA)

Michael Comer, primary