The Communication Center

Making an Appointment

1.) To register for an appointment, click the Scheduler link and you will come to this screen.

Screen shot of first step for setting up an appointment at the Center.

2.) Log in, or if you are a first-time users, you will need to register. The link "click here to register" will bring you to this page.

NOTE: Use a password you will remember (like your Facebook or banking password).
This system's password does not change with your JMU account password. This account is also separate from your UWC account. You may use the same password, but you do need to register for both systems.

Screen shot of secont step for setting up an appointment

Enter your email address and password. (Type your full email address, not just your e-id.)

3.) Next, you will see the scheduler. Along the left are the names of student speech consultants. White blocks are open appointments. Click on the white block to sign up for that time.

Image of the schedule layout for choosing a time and tutor.

4.) A pop up window will appear asking for the details of your appointment. Fill out the form completely so the tutor will know how to best help you when you come in for your appointment. To extend your visit beyond an hour (if you're scheduling for a group session), use the drop box at the top.

A screen shot of the form you will need to fill out to finish setting up your appointment.

Scheduling your visit

Preparing for your appointment:

How to know if you are ready for a preparation appointment:

For the preparation of your speech it is important to be ready to work with the tutor in either brainstorming ideas (preliminary) or formulating your outline.

How to know if you are ready for a rehearsal appointment:

For the rehearsal phase, everything you need to do for building your speech should be finished. You are ready to practice presenting and memorizing with the tutor.