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The Young Children's Program provides an environment designed to help families:

  • Participate meaningfully in their children's educational experience
  • Grow in their understanding of child development and appropriate early education
  • Develop a support network with other families in the program
  • Become more familiar with family support resources within the community


Because the YCP views early education as the shared responsibility of home and school, it is critical that we communicate often and well about all aspects of a child's school experience.  Communication during the year is verbal and written, informal and formal, and may be initiated by family members and school personnel.  In an effort to promote environmental responsibility, communication will be electronic as much as possible.  Parents are encouraged to contact a teacher or the YCP coordinator if the family is unable to receive electronic communication (via the web and email) or needs to communicate in a language other than English. 

Communication initiated by the YCP is in the following forms:

  • YCP Family Handbook
  • Daily Messages
  • Weekly Communication
  • Monthly Event Calendars
  • Conferences
  • Developmental Summaries
  • Program Newsletters
  • Program Website