Professional Education Advising

What is Professional Education Advising?

Advising is getting assistance with academic and career choices.  Professional Education advisors will assist you with questions relating to your teacher education program.

Find out more general information about advising at the Academic Advising website.

Who is your education advisor?

You can access your education advisor on ecampus.

When should you contact your education advisor?

Any time you have a question or concern.  We recommend contacting your advisor approximately one time per semester.       

How do you get the best advising information?

            Plan ahead and make an appointment.

            Look through catalogs and program information.

            All your paperwork should be in hand.

            Never hesitate to ask any question.

The Student Support and Advisement Committee for the College of Education and the Professional Education Unit is charged with ensuring students have an avenue for providing input and ideas to the faculty and administration of the college.  We seek information and recommendations from our student body through focus groups and evaluations.

(Last online evaluation sent to all education students February 2011.  Last focus group held February 17, 2010.  Details of upcoming focus groups and evaluations coming soon.)