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Examples of Syllabi

Samples of skillful incorporation of best practices in cadidate opportunities for learning, application of instructional strategies and successful application of a range of assessment tools are reflected in the following syllabi:

ADSU 642 Leadership for School Community Relations

ADSU 643 School Principalship

ECED 481 Fieldwork in Family and Community

EDUC 310 Teaching in a Diverse Society

ELED 432 Science and Children Inquiry Learning

ELED 510 Creativity and Arts in Elementary Classrooms

EXED 350 Psychoeducational Assessment

IECE 300 Programs and Prractices in Inclusive Early Childhood Education

MSSE 370 General Methods for Grades 6-12

MSSE 470 Natural Sciences

MSSE 470E Methods in English

MSSE 471 Content Field Experiences

MSSE 570 Natural Sciences Teaching Methods

MSSE 630 Inquiry in the Classroom

MSSE 650 Internship Seminar

READ 436 Literacy Learning in Elementary Grades

READ 590 Literacy Across the Curriculum

TESL 428 Assessment for Curriculum Development