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Standard Three


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Community Relations & Professional Growth and Development Committee


  • Develop, monitor and coordinate partnership efforts with school divisions and other community members, including other Colleges and organizations within JMU, in consultation with PECC.
  • In even years (e.g., 2006, 2008, 2010 …) complete a formal assessment in conjunction with the relevant programs of goals and objectives for partnership activities and evaluate the effectiveness of these activities in meeting the goals and objectives.
  • Identify ways in which James Madison University can provide valued services to its community partners and monitor these endeavors.
  • Continue development of policies and procedures to support program and unit growth and success.
  • In consultation with the Dean and Associate Dean for Programs & Faculty, review and make recommendations concerning resource issues and needs surrounding partnership activities (Teacher-in-Residence, Faculty Liaison, etc.).
  • Report to the PECC regularly.