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Competency Five

The educational professional plans, supports, and encourages instruction as well as other educationally-related activities and programs that are based on numerous variables including research-based best practices, knowledge of the subject matter, the nature of the learners, students' learning strategies, the goals of the curriculum, and the community.

Effective teachers and other educational professionals consider many variables in their planning and recognize the interdependence of these variables. They are able to develop instructional and support priorities, and choose goals and objectives that are consistent with students' developmental characteristics, previous knowledge and individual needs and with community/state curriculum standards. They also understand that planning extends over variable lengths of time, from short term (lesson, daily, weekly) to long term (unit, semester, yearly). Lesson and unit plans are well organized, comprehensive, linked to long-term instructional goals and objectives and are based on available assessment information. Planning includes appropriate introductory, practice and synthesis activities. Effective education professionals continually make adaptations to instructional plans to ensure and capitalize on student progress and motivation.

Conceptual Framework