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Competency Eleven

The educational professional fosters relationships with colleagues, families, and communities to support students' learning and well-being.

Effective teachers and other educational professionals understand schools as organizations within the larger community contexts and understand and value how factors in students' environments outside the school may influence their lives and learning. In addition, they understand and implement laws and school/division policies related to students' rights and teacher responsibilities and act as advocates for children. With this understanding, effective teachers and other educational professionals are able to establish respectful and productive relationships with parents/guardians from diverse cultures and homes and with other adults in the school and community. They are able to work with parents and guardians to improve the overall learning environment and to reflect on developing insights about students. They are able to communicate well with peers, other colleagues and organizations in professional, reflective ways. Finally, effective teachers and other educational professionals talk with and listen to students, are sensitive and responsive to clues of distress, can investigate situations, and know when and how to seek outside help as needed to remedy problems.

Conceptual Framework