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The Educational Media Minor prepares students for employment in education, business, communications, non-profit, and consulting fields where the effective design of information, instruction, and media are important.  Students who minor in Educational Media will develop psychological and technological skills intended to enhance the major program of study and prepare for the workplace. Students who successfully complete the minor will possess skills appropriate for teaching, training, designing instruction, and developing related multimedia.  Underlying theories and concepts integrated into the coursework include but are not limited to the diffusion of information, learning theory, message design, group dynamics, and materials evaluation.

The educational media minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours selected in consultation with an adviser for this program.

I entered the minor before Fall 2010.  What courses/course requirements were revised during that period?

**To declare the minor, please complete a declaration form in the LTLE office, 3rd floor of Memorial Hall at the top of the front stairs.

LTLE 150  

Information in a Contemporary Society (3 credits) - Fall only


Life Span Human Development (3 credits)

LTLE 370

Instructional Technology (3 credits) - Fall & Spring

LTLE 372

Visual Literacy (3 credits) - Spring only

LTLE 374

Photography for Learning (1 credit) - Fall & Spring

LTLE 376

Video for Learning (1 credit) - Fall only

LTLE 378

Web Design for Learning (1 credit) - Spring only

LTLE 385

Foundations of Instructional Design (3 credits) - Spring only


18 Hours Required