Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages (TESOL)

PK - 12 Licensure Teaching Minor

Requirements for the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
PK-12 Licensure and Teaching Minor

First Steps

  • Declaration of initial teaching licensure form (e.g., elementary education, secondary education, TESOL etc.)
  • Subscription to TK20
  • Signed declaration form returned to Registrar’s Office
  • Modern Foreign Language (intermediate level)   (0-12 credits) 

Professional Education Course Requirements

  • GPSYC 160: Life Span Human Development (3 credits)*
  • EDUC 300:  Foundations of American Education (3 credits)*
  • EDUC 310 or ELED 310:  Teaching in a Diverse Society (3 credits)*
  • EDUC 370: Educational Technology Practicum (3 credits)  TBD
  • READ 366:  Early Literacy Development and Acquisition (3 credits)*
  • TESL 384: Practicum in Literacy Development (1 credit) Co-req: READ  366 *

TESOL Core Requirements

  • TESL 426: Concepts in First and Second Language Acquisition (3 credits)*        Prereq for other TESOL courses, except ENG 308
  • TESL 382:  Practicum in TESOL 1st/2nd Language Acquisition (1 credit)* Co-req: TESL 426                                               
                      Prereq for other TESOL courses, except ENG 308
  • ENG 308: Introduction to Linguistics (3 credits)**
  • READ 435:  Literacy Development and Instruction for ELLs (3 credits)**
  • TESL 383:  Practicum in TESOL Literacy Development (1 credit)** Co-req: READ 435  
  • TESL 428:  Assessment for Curriculum Development in ESL Practicum (3 credits)**
  • TESL 470:  Instructional Strategies for Teaching ESL (3 credits)***
  • TESL 381:  Practicum in TESOL Instructional Strategies (3 credits)***  Co-req:  TESL 470 
  • EDUC 480:  Student Teaching (one 8-week block prek-6, one 8-week block 6-12) (12 credits)*
  • EDUC 482:  Field Work in Professional Development, Partnership & Advocacy (1 credit)*

It is strongly recommended that Professional Education Courses be taken prior to the TESOL Core Requirements. For students obtaining licensure in other areas, many of the professional education courses will be the same.  In most cases, student teaching can be combined with other licensure areas and completed in one semester.

*Offered Both Fall and Spring Term

**Offered Fall Term

***Offered Spring Term



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