The NETT group is a public/private collaborative of learning centers addressing Learning and English Language needs for Harrisonburg, Virginia. The group is a part of the 21st Century Learning Coalition.

Description of a Community Learning Center

A community learning center offers academic, artistic, and cultural enrichment opportunities to students and their families when school is not in session (before school and after school, or during holidays or summer recess). A community learning center assists students in meeting State and local academic achievement standards in core academic subjects, such as reading and mathematics, by providing the students with opportunities for academic enrichment. Centers also provide students with a broad array of other activities - such as drug and violence prevention, counseling, art, music, recreation, technology, and character education programs - during periods when school is not in session. Community learning centers must also serve the families of participating students, e.g., through family literacy programs.

Career Development Academy  
The ESOL Career Development Academy (CDA) serves students ages 17-25, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. CDA serves as an alternative to high school and a preparatory for the transition to work or college. Course offerings include: English, Workplace English, GED & TOEFL prep, and Art. The program runs during the academic year (August - June).
Location:  James Madison University, Memorial Hall
Contact:  Lisa Schick, (540)-568-2930

Harrisonburg City Public Schools
The ESL program of Harrisonburg City Public Schools (HCPS) serves culturally and linguistically diverse students whose native language is not English. The objective of the program is to provide students with the English and academic skills they need to be successful, active participants in the local community.
Contact:  Wanda Hamilton, (540)-434-9916
For additional information, please visit the HCPS Website:

Shenandoah Valley Migrant Education
The Shenandoah Valley Migrant Education Program (SVMEP) provides free supplemental educational services to children aged 3-21 of migrant workers for 3 years after their last migrant move. Services include assisting local schools and preschools with registering and placing students; training classroom teachers and administrators in the areas of second language acquisition and ESL strategies; providing tutors for students who need supplemental academic help; arranging appointments, transporting, and translating for families who need assistance in accessing local services which directly affect the child's education or well-being, offering family literacy through home visits to families with preschool-aged children, mentoring youth through completion on high school and establishment of future educational and career goals, and sponsoring interagency advisory councils.
Contact:  540-568-3666
For additional information, please visit the SVMEP Website:

Skyline Literacy Coalition
Skyline Literacy Coalition strives to enhance functional literacy skills for adult residents of the central Shenandoah Valley, thus improving access to essential community services and to employment and educational opportunities.  Skyline Literacy Coalition provides basic English education and literacy instructions through individual volunteer tutoring, small groups and customized programs.
Contact:540-879-2933 For additional information, please visit the SLC Website:

Dayton Learning Center
Dayton Learning Center exists to meet the education and training needs of area adults.
Instructional programs at Dayton Learning Center are divided into two broad classifications. Adult Education takes the learner from the basics of learning up through preparation for the Tests of General Educational Development (GED®) or mastery of the English language. Training and Development provides specialized training related to the workplace and/or community in areas such as basic computer skills and language training.
Contact:  540-879-2833
For additional information, please visit the DLC Website:

Success by 6 Coalition of the Shenandoah Valley
The Success by 6 academy is a partnership of agencies working together to support the families of the community.  The mission of Success by 6 is to help all children enter school healthy and prepared to succeed by expanding and enhancing early childhood readiness efforts, establishing effective partnerships between parents, community leaders and all those interested in the lives of young children, and ensuring that services are available for all children from birth to age six.