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The minor in higher education is a 9-credit hour program that is offered for learners majoring in an academic area and planning to enter college teaching at the undergraduate level. Learners pursuing the Master of Science in Education degree (in adult education/human resource development or health sciences) and learners pursuing Master of Arts degrees may enroll in the minor in higher education. The minor is designed to prepare learners who have experience and/or in-depth preparation in an academic area to provide instruction for undergraduate learners and adapt to other aspects of the undergraduate teaching environment in institutions of higher education.

Mininum Requirements
Credit Hours
AHRD 670. American Higher Education 3
AHRD 671. Teaching and Learning Processes in Higher Education
Choose one of the following courses.
EDUC 630. Inquiry in Education 3
AHRD 635. Organization and Administration of Adult Education/Human Resource Development 3
AHRD 673. The Community College 3
PSYC 669. Career Development 3
PSYC 646. The American College Student 3
  9 Total Hours