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LTLE Graduate Educational Leadership FAQ

1. Am I able to take a class before I apply to enter the program?

Yes, you may take up to three classes (9 hours) as a special student. You will need to contact Outreach Programs (540-568-4253) and request special student admission to a class (there is a $20 fee) and a special student permission (you can print it from their website) form needs to be submitted to our program. University regulations require that once you are admitted to the graduate school that you formally transfer these credits into the program. No more than one-third of your program may consist of courses transferred from either JMU or other accredited institutions.

2. How do I apply to enter the program?

If you are applying for entry into a Master's program, apply directly to the JMU Graduate School.  If you already have a Master's and want to earn the Virginia endorsement as School Administrator, please apply directly to the College of Education Outreach Program.   

All applications are done online at Include Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores, a $55 check, 2 recommendation letters, transcripts from previous schools, a resumé, and a written statement (as described in the admission requirements section). 

Outreach & Engagement

3. What do I need to do to become endorsed as an administrator if I already have a masters' degree in another area?

To become endorsed as a school administrator in the state of Virginia, certain knowledge and skills must be covered through coursework, practicum experiences and the internship. We provide a certificate program for candidates who already possess a Masters degree. In this program we examine your coursework in your Masters degree program to determine what you will need to be endorsed in administration.

You must still complete a minimum of 21 hours (7 courses) to meet our program requirements; however, most students complete approximately 27-30 hours depending upon their previous masters coursework.

4. Can I take a course from another university and apply it to the program?

The College of Graduate and Outreach Programs allows up to nine credits to be transferred from other accredited institutions. However, if you have been accepted into a JMU program of study, either the M.Ed. or Certificate Program, it is recommended you confer with your advisor, prior to taking a class at another institution, to be sure the class you take will be accepted into your program of study at JMU.

5. How long does it take to complete the program?

Generally our students complete the program in two or three years. You can accelerate this by taking two or more courses in a semester. Please refer to the chart that delineates typical semester course offerings.