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JMU:  M. Ed. with a concentration in Equity and Cultural Diversity

*Anticipated start date:  Spring 2013  

Program Overview:  The M.Ed. with a concentration in Equity and Cultural Diversity provides current educators or other professionals programming in educational theory and practice that emphasize diversity.  Core courses examine educational research, learning theory, curriculum development, and contemporary issues in education, enabling participants to critically analyze policies, practices, and procedures in American K-12 schools with an understanding of the cultural, social, and political context of these institutions.  The cultural diversity core courses emphasize language diversity and explore the intersection of language and culture in theory and practice.  Understanding second language acquisition, socio-cultural variables that impact student learning and factors that shape immigrants’ learning experiences will aid participants in creating effective school programs and educational services to meet the needs of culturally diverse individuals. The cultural diversity core includes a 45-hour practicum at the College of Education Career Development Academy. Candidates will assist and interact with first generation immigrant adult learners and their family members.  To provide some flexibility in meeting individual candidate goals, the program also offers electives to be selected by the student with advisor approval.  These courses must aid the candidate in his or her understanding of diversity and may be courses within or outside of the College of Education at the 500 or 600 level.  By giving candidates course options, they can shape their program of study to assist them in multiple career options such as diversity leadership positions in academic institutions, public schools, and federal and state agencies.
Admission Criteria
All criteria are considered with reviewing the candidates for admission to this Master of Education degree program.  However, no one criterion will be the sole reason for lack of admission to the program. Criteria include:

  • GRE scores at the 25th percentile or higher for both verbal and quantitative sections.
  • Undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 or higher.
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university.
  • Professional resume.
  • A two-to-three page written statement (double-spaced) describing the applicant's professional background, the educational issues that the applicant would like to address in the master's program and applicant long-term professional goals.
  • Evidence of the candidate's skills or experiences that may help promote and affirm cross-cultural learning or awareness.
  • Two professional recommendations.
  • Interview with at least one of the program’s faculty members to ensure the applicant understands the goals and requirements of the M.Ed. in Education with a concentration in Equity and Cultural Diversity.

Admission Steps

1.  Meet with a TESOL advisor in the English Language Learning Academy (ELLA) to discuss your interests and goals in earning the M.Ed. in Education with a concentration in Equity and Cultural Diversity.

2.  Apply to the Graduate School by completing the on-line application for obtaining the graduate degree-Master of Education with a concentration in Equity and Cultural Diversity. Required documents include those listed above: GRE scores, official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, written statement, two professional recommendations, and professional resume.

Course of Study

Professional Core Courses (9 credits)

EDUC 630: Inquiry in Education

3 Credits

EDUC 641: Curriculum Theory and Issues

3 Credits

EDUC 642:  Learning Theory and Instructional Models

3 Credits

 Cultural Diversity Core Courses (15 credits)

TESL 525: Cross Cultural Education

3 Credits

EDUC 620: Changing Contexts in American Schools

   3 Credits

TESL 626: Concepts of 1st/2nd Language Acquisition

3 Credits

TESL 628: Assessment and Curriculum Development for TESOL

3 Credits

LTLE 648: Immigration and Education w/ practicum

3 Credits

Research Requirement (3-6 credits)

LTLE 695 Applied Research or

3 Credits

LTLE 700 Thesis

6 Credits

Electives (6 Credits) Selected with an advisor’s approval and instructor’s approval. 
Examples may include:

EDUC 625: Evaluation in Education

3 Credits

ADSU 641: School Law

3 Credits

Or other 500 or 600 TESL courses

3-6 Credits

Or English Literature and History courses that add to the students' understanding of our diverse society

3-6 Credits


Total Program Credits = 33-36 credits


Program Coordinator:  Dr. Stephanie Wasta   Email:  wastasa@jmu.edu  Phone: 540-568-5210


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Contact Information:

Dr. Stephanie Wasta
Program Coordinator


395 South High Street
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Phone: (540) 568-5210
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