Educational Media Minor Prior to Fall 2010

I entered the minor before Fall 2010.

What courses/course requirements were revised during that period?

  • All earned credits toward the minor remain.  There is NO need to retake any courses due to program revisions.
  • During Fall 2010 all minors were expected to switch to "Current Courses" in the table below. If you enrolled in a "Previous Course" during Fall Semester 2010, you could have remained in that course unless you were in GPSYC 101, an elective, or SCOM 260.  In the case of these three, you should have taken/planned to take the equivalent instead.
This is a transition period. If you are unable to find a "Current Course" listed on e-campus,
perhaps it is still listed under the previous name.


Previous Courses



Current Courses

(updated and approved courses

as of August 20, 2010)

EDUC 150

Information in a Contemporary Society (3 credits)


LTLE 150

Information in a Contemporary Society (3 credits)


General Psychology (3 credits)



Life Span Human Development

EDUC 370

Instructional Technology (3 credits)


LTLE 370

Instructional Technology (3 credits)

SCOM 260

Introduction to Public Relations (3 credits)


LTLE 372

Visual Literacy (3 credits)

EDUC 336

Photography in Education (1 credit)


LTLE 374

Photography for Learning (1 credit)

EDUC 332

Single Camera TV Operation (1 credit)


LTLE 376

Video for Learning (1 credit)

EDUC 339

Production of Computer-Based Materials for Education (1 credit)


LTLE 378

Web Design for Learning (1 credit)


(3 credits)


LTLE 385

Foundations of Instructional Design (3 credits)

18 Hours Required


18 Hours Required