Semester Abroad

Through the Office of international program (OIP) at JMU, several semester abroad program are offered. Student preparing to be teachers are encouraged to explore the possibilities.

Jenny Kennard"Studying abroad in Florence, Italy greatly enhanced my knowledge of teaching elementary school children. While I was in Italy I was able to work in various school classrooms that each have fascinating teaching theories that differ greatly from a typical public elementary school in the United States. Not only was I able to witness how the various teaching strategies work but I was able to focus on how these strategies ultimately affect the learners. In addition, this practicum was very rewarding because I was able to share my own teaching ideas with many teachers and students. My learning experience in Florence is very valuable to me and the Italian teachers made it clear to me that they learned new ideas from me as well."

Jenny Kennard
Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies, Elementary Education
Graduate Student
Semester Abroad: Fall 2009

If you are interested in a semester abroad, talk to your advisor about how it might fit into your program, and visit the OIP website to see what programs JMU sponsors.

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