International Studies




Student teaching in Berlin

Emily Fano

Emily FanoIt's really exciting to be living in a city like Berlin; it has an incredibly interesting history as well a wonderful atmosphere. I absolutely love all of the open markets on the weekend, the colorful graffiti art on buildings, and the whole experience of living in such a vibrant city.

Teaching in an international school has been really interesting. My students are all used to to working and learning with people of different cultures, religions and languages. They are all very accepting of differences and interested in new cultures. Many of them are also bilingual or even trilingual, which I think is amazing. My placement has opened my eyes to different curriculums, different teaching styles, and a very different school environment.

My cooperating teacher has really made this experience wonderful.
She's really gone out of her way to make sure I feel comfortable and welcome in the school and in Berlin. My first day of school she actually met me where I was staying and showed me how to use the public transit to get to school.

The most difficult thing for me to adjust to in my placement has been the change in curriculum. Previously, I had only designed lessons using the SoL's. The school I am placed in, The Berlin British School, follows the National Curriculum which is set up very differently. Even though I am halfway through my placement, I am still working towards a more thorough understanding of it.

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