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Educational Technology Classroom Workshops

CoE Faculty:

The ETMC staff (Jessica Lantz and Rich Clemens) can provide educational technology-based workshop instruction in your classroom. Each workshop topic can be personalized to fit the needs of your curriculum. Our workshops feature educational technologies currently being used in PK-12 schools. 

If you are not sure what technology skills might most benefit your students or best compliment your curriculum, let's talk about the possibilities.  

The following list includes some example topics we can bring to your classroom. If you would like more details about a topic you see here, ask us. If you would like to request a new topic, let us know!   

Animated character videos with GoAnimate and other apps

Assessment apps for the classroom

Book talks using iPad apps

Classroom collaboration using Padlet

Claymation stop motion movies

Comic strips with Strip Designer 

Create classroom ebooks

Digital Storytelling iPad apps

Digital storytelling with imovie on the iPads 

Digital storytelling with iMovie using laptops and camcorders 

Digital posters using Padlet and Linoit

Explore the world with Google Maps in the classroom 

Image creation using Canva and Pixlr

Interactive and engaging Powerpoint presentations with Nearpod 

iPad apps used in schools in your content area, or in general 

OER (Open Educational Resources)

Online timeline tools

Podcasting with Garageband 

QR code scavenger hunt 

SMART Board introduction 

Weebly for online portfolios and/or classroom websites