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Technical Support


  1. If a faculty member or staff has a technical question or issue requiring support, contact Dustin Kenney at 568-3569 or email him at Dustin focuses on college wide technical issues and computing platforms.
  2. For Classroom Technology questions or issues, contact Vince Drumheller at 568-8766 or email him at
  3. Our goal is to respond to each issue in a timely fashion. Understanding and solving technical issues sometimes can be accomplished over the phone, other times an office visit is required, or a solution can be reached by referral to other resources on or off campus.
  4. If we cannot deal with the issue immediately, a plan will be developed to address the problem with available resources among our staff. We know that time is important and our goal is to directly assist or provide direction for another source to help solve technical issues among faculty and staff in the College of Education.