Student teaching is a requirement for all initial teacher licensure programs.  It is frequently considered to be the culminating experience in teacher preparation.  In reality, however, it is but one more step on the life-long journey toward becoming a professional educator - a journey that begins well before students enroll in their first education courses at James Madison University.


We are committed to providing for all candidates rich experiences in diverse settings to support their success in working with all students.  Candidates can expect to be placed in a range of classrooms and educational settings throughout their professional education program that reflect the demographics of our communities and beyond.  All locations used for placements are categorized based on characteristics that reflect diversity, such as socio-economic levels, rural vs. urban designation and diversity of cultures and languages present in the schools. Every attempt is made to provide opportunities for each candidate to experience as broad a spectrum of experiences as possible.  Some of the placements are available within our local city school division and others may be in communities within a commutable distance.  Therefore, candidates need to be aware that travel to schools outside of the immediate community may be required for their program.


During student teaching, the student teacher, cooperating teacher, and university supervisor function as colleagues and work together as a team.  The cooperating teacher serves as a mentor, model, coach, and collaborator.  The university supervisor, as the primary liaison between the university and the cooperating school, serves as a resource and facilitates the transition from university student to student teacher. 


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How do I apply to student teach?

Attend an informational meeting in September (see calendar for details).  Click here for student teaching forms and to access the link for the "Instructions and Templates for Student Teaching Application".

Click here for information about international (global) student teaching opportunities through Educators Abroad.