Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA)



The Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment became effective January 1, 2006, for initial licensure. The VCLA contains two sections writing and reading and applicants must take both. Refer to the following Web site for more information about the test content, test dates, cost, accommodations for individuals with disabilities, and registration:


On March 22, 2006, the Board of Education approved cut scores for the VCLA as follows:

Writing Sub Test:          235

Reading Sub Test:         235

Composite Score:         470


Applicants need to achieve the composite score of 470 to meet the VCLA requirement for licensure, but they do not need to pass each sub test separately.


Alternative Testing Arrangements

Students with documented physical or learning disabilities may wish to apply for appropriate accommodations for this test.

·       VCLA accommodation requests should also be made well in advance of desired test dates.  To learn more about procedures that must be followed and documentation that may be required when applying for VCLA testing accommodations, students should go to