License Renewal

The Virginia individualized licensure renewal system was implemented by the Virginia Department of Education in 1990.  The division superintendent, postgraduate professional, collegiate professional, pupil personnel, and technical professional licenses may be renewed by completing 180 professional development points within a five-year validity period.  Acceptable activities must fall under the following ten options:  college credit, professional conference, peer observation, educational travel, curriculum development, publication of article, publication of book, mentorship/supervision, educational project, and professional development activity. 


A minimum of 90 points (three semester hours in a content area) in the license holder's endorsement area or areas is required of license holders without a master's degree and may be satisfied at the undergraduate (including community college course work) or graduate level.  Courses in special education designed to assist classroom teachers and other school personnel in working with students with disabilities, gifted education, educational technology, or English as a second language may be completed to satisfy the content course requirement for one cycle of the renewal process.   Professional development activities designed to support the Virginia Standards of Learning, Standards of Accreditation, and the Student Assessment Program may also be accepted in lieu of the content course for one renewal cycle.


License holders are responsible for satisfying license renewal requirements.  Please see the Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual for specific information on renewing a license.